Movie Reviews

13 Ghosts


This is a shlocky reworking of an even shlockier 1960 William Castle picture of the same name – something that a lot of critics seem to be overlooking in their headlong rush to tell everyone how very bad the new 13 Ghosts is. While no one is — blessedly — trying to claim that the […]

102 Dalmations


Just so you know, I have opinions about 102 Dalmatians, but they’re not the opinions of somebody who knows anything. This movie was made for children, and — like most self-centered 20-somethings — I don’t know anything about children. I don’t know what they like. I don’t know what they want. I don’t know what […]

10 Things I Hate About You


Bianca Stratford (Larisa Oleynik) has a problem. Her older sister, Kat (Stiles), is an ill-tempered social disaster. Normally, this wouldn’t cause self-centered Bianca any sleepless nights, but because of a new rule in the Stratford house, Bianca is forbidden to have a boyfriend before Kat does. In desperation, Bianca’s male suitors begin a frantic search […]