Twitter dispatches from the Aug. 23 City Council meeting

A roundup of Twitter dispatches from Xpress, from last night’s Asheville City Council meeting, focusing on the debate over allowing food trucks in downtown.

Xpress Senior News Reporter David Forbes covered the meeting. Staff reporter Jake Frankel also used Twitter for earlier dispatches from the pre-meeting interviews with Planning and Zoning Commission candidates.

23-Aug 4:44 P.M. @DavidForbes: What’s on Council’s plate tonight, with the food truck debate chief on the agenda http: //

23-Aug 5:01 P.M. @DavidForbes: Meeting’s on.

23-Aug 5:04 P.M. @DavidForbes: First up: presentation to City Mgr Gary Jackson from employees in armed forces reserve

23-Aug 5:06 P.M. @DavidForbes: Service members presenting plaque to Jackson, thanking city gov for support

23-Aug 5:07 P.M. @DavidForbes: Mayor Terry Bellamy: Appreciate staff’s commitment to making sure service members have job when return

23-Aug 5:08 P.M. @DavidForbes: Mayor Bellamy reading proclamation recognizing Asheville as 88th Transition Town in US

23-Aug 5:09 P.M. @DavidForbes: Bellamy recognizing transition town movement’s efforts towards “local resiliency” in energy, transit, food

23-Aug 5:10 P.M. @DavidForbes: Transition Towns rep Jeanie Martin: preparing for “inevitable changes” w positive vision, Aug. 27 is Transition Asheville Day

23-Aug 5:13 P.M. @DavidForbes: That bidder is SPL Integrated Solutions out of Columbia, Md.

23-Aug 5:13 P.M. @DavidForbes: Jackson: Error on tabulating bids for Civic Ctr sound system replacement, but lowest bidder remains same

23-Aug 5:15 P.M. @DavidForbes: Consent agenda, incl sound system replacement, passes unanimously

23-Aug 5:16 P.M. @DavidForbes: Council mem Esther Manheimer recused from vote on East Oakview Bridge replacement due to law firm’s involvement. Measure passes 6-0

23-Aug 5:17 P.M. @DavidForbes: Presentation by AdvantageWest rep.

23-Aug 5:18 P.M. @DavidForbes: AdvWest report: In WNC, some of manufacturing loss replaced by higher paying jobs, but still devastating for individuals affected

23-Aug 5:21 P.M. @DavidForbes: Rep highlighting green jobs, business incubator program for food-centered businesses

23-Aug 5:25 P.M. @DavidForbes: Council mem Gordon Smith asking about future of Blue Ridge Food Ventures program

23-Aug 5:26 P.M. @DavidForbes: Program started as resource for businesses, but more farm-to-table for residents, colleges. AdvWest sees it expanding

23-Aug 5:29 P.M. @DavidForbes: Adv West CEO Scott Hamilton: More farm-to-table options helps farmers supplement income, have close to 300 subscribers

23-Aug 5:30 P.M. @mxeat: AdvantageWest is hugely supportive of local food scene; listening to CEO talk to council about projects, including BRFV and CSAs.

23-Aug 5:31 P.M. @DavidForbes: Hamilton: Can go to to get food subscription

23-Aug 5:32 P.M. @DavidForbes: Bellamy: “You’re welcome to stay for the rest of the evening.” Hamilton: “I think I’ll go to Raleigh”

23-Aug 5:34 P.M. @DavidForbes: Council mem Bill Russell reporting on finance committee activity: Looking into water rates, saved $ w parking deck debt refinancing

23-Aug 5:36 P.M. @DavidForbes: Strategic Operating Plan update from Asst City Mgr Jeff Richardson

23-Aug 5:36 P.M. @DavidForbes: Bellamy wants to look at communicating w water users year in advance

23-Aug 5:38 P.M. @DavidForbes: Plan seeks to make Asheville safe, affordable, green and sustainable, fiscally responsible w job growth and community development

23-Aug 5:39 P.M. @DavidForbes: Richardson: Last fiscal year had 0% change in violent and property crime

23-Aug 5:40 P.M. @DavidForbes: Richardson: Asheville had 4,101 violent/property incidents, better than all other comparable cities in NC besides Cary.

23-Aug 5:42 P.M. @DavidForbes: Richardson: 58% reduction in traffic accidents due to APD focusing on key intersections

23-Aug 5:43 P.M. @DavidForbes: Richardson: 12,130 monthly bus passes, 42% discounted (seniors, disabled, children, etc.)

23-Aug 5:44 P.M. @DavidForbes: Richardson: With help from city’s affordable housing trust fund, 146 affordable units built, 72 on the way

23-Aug 5:45 P.M. @DavidForbes: Also: 2.59 miles of sidewalks built, 4.5 miles of bike lanes, $43,000 in energy savings due to better streetlights

23-Aug 5:48 P.M. @mxeat: Seated behind me at meeting is @GQCstreetfood and @thelowdowntruck. Big day for them. #avlfoodtruck

23-Aug 5:48 P.M. @DavidForbes: 8.6% city-wide staff turnover rate, down from prior years.

23-Aug 5:53 P.M. @DavidForbes: Richardson: Wristbands in Civic Center generate ~$100K in new revenue, restructuring facility fees, concession pricing another $100k

23-Aug 5:54 P.M. @DavidForbes: Richardson: 51 Biltmore project: 412 parking spaces, project 35% complete

23-Aug 5:55 P.M. @DavidForbes: Council mem Cecil Bothwell asking if city has any data comparing retention to other municipalities

23-Aug 5:55 P.M. @mxeat: Any other #avlfoodtruck operators in the house here today waiting on the vote from council? 

23-Aug 5:56 P.M. @DavidForbes: Richardson: Not at our fingertips, but we can get it. Bothwell: Have a hunch that during recession ppl don’t want to leave jobs

23-Aug 5:57 P.M. @DavidForbes: Bothwell wondering why city paid for Budweiser advertising wristbands at Bele Chere, instead of local beer

23-Aug 5:58 P.M. @DavidForbes: Jackson: We’ll gather some information and report back to you

23-Aug 6:01 P.M. @DavidForbes: Richardson: Looking to improve Airport Rd Corridor fire response time. If do so by 2013, 2-5% drop in fire insurance for biz in Avl

23-Aug 6:02 P.M. @DavidForbes: Bellamy: Want to see improvement in city staff diversity – 75% male currently, and “racial diversity is quite lacking”

23-Aug 6:03 P.M. @DavidForbes: Jackson touting staff’s efforts. “Highest level of project management” in city’s history

23-Aug 6:06 P.M. @DavidForbes: Clarification: Amending Sunset Park’s permit from 19 condos to 17

23-Aug 6:06 P.M. @DavidForbes: Public hearings now. First up: Sunset Park, 17-unit development

23-Aug 6:13 P.M. @DavidForbes: Sunset Park’s attorney: Development affected due to economy. New owner, hope to move forward

23-Aug 6:14 P.M. @DavidForbes: Brother Chris Chiaromonte: See a pattern in City Council, doesn’t matter what buy, can get Council to go developer’s way

23-Aug 6:15 P.M. @DavidForbes: Chiaromonte: Owner knew what they were buying. Have friends in real estate over country, Asheville’s known for not keeping word

23-Aug 6:16 P.M. @DavidForbes: Chiaromonte: Seen buskers violating rules too, walks away from podium muttering “God help us”

23-Aug 6:17 P.M. @DavidForbes: Russell makes motion to approve, Council mem Jan Davis praising developer for going forward. Passes unanimously

23-Aug 6:18 P.M. @DavidForbes: Next project: Rezoning to allow for building of Dollar General on Smoky Park Hwy

23-Aug 6:19 P.M. @DavidForbes: Food truck rules allowing operation in downtown are next item

23-Aug 6:20 P.M. @DavidForbes: Due to issues w placement of sidewalk on project, staff wants developer to pay fee to build elsewhere

23-Aug 6:23 P.M. @DavidForbes: Davis: This is a good request, fits surrounding community well

23-Aug 6:24 P.M. @DavidForbes: Dollar General development passes unanimously

23-Aug 6:24 P.M. @DavidForbes: Bothwell has questions about lack of sidewalk. Staff: impractical to do w buffer rules, why asking for fee

23-Aug 6:25 P.M. @DavidForbes: Bellamy asks if Council can take break before food trucks hearing. City Attorney checking

23-Aug 6:27 P.M. @DavidForbes: Council in recess for 5 minutes. Then: food trucks

23-Aug 6:35 P.M. @DavidForbes: Suzy Phillips of @GQCstreetfood coordinating comment order/group rep for supporters of food truck rules changes

23-Aug 6:36 P.M. @DavidForbes: Back in session

23-Aug 6:38 P.M. @DavidForbes: Daniel: Interest rising since last year, concerns about regulation, enforcement

23-Aug 6:38 P.M. @DavidForbes: Planning Director Judy Daniel: Food trucks operating outside of downtown for many years, 17 permits, 20 locations

23-Aug 6:40 P.M. @DavidForbes: Daniel: Spec committee met 3 times, discussed issues extensively before sending to dwntn commission, made more changes, approved 7-2

23-Aug 6:41 P.M. @DavidForbes: Daniel: Rules sought to address AIR’s concerns, but didn’t support changes, wanted more time, enforcement

23-Aug 6:41 P.M. @mxeat: Daniel: reports indicate a lot of support for #avlfoodtruck, yet many concerns from downtown residents and AIR.

23-Aug 6:41 P.M. @DavidForbes: Daniel: Planning and Zoning didn’t recommend in tie vote 3-3. Asheville Independent Restaurant Assoc (AIR) involved from beginning

23-Aug 6:42 P.M. @mxeat: AIR still feels like more time is needed to study downtown #avlfoodtruck issues, says Daniel.

23-Aug 6:43 P.M. @DavidForbes: Daniel: This will help regulate food trucks properly city-wide, help them grow, rules reflect extensive research/debate

23-Aug 6:45 P.M. @DavidForbes: The proposed food truck rules http: //

23-Aug 6:46 P.M. @DavidForbes: 10 food truck permits allowed for downtown, operating unlicensed truck will be misdemeanor

23-Aug 6:46 P.M. @DavidForbes: Planner Alan Glines: Ordinance extends food truck hours 8am-midnight near residence, 8am-3am elsewhere

23-Aug 6:47 P.M. @DavidForbes: Glines: Buncombe County treats food trucks as mobile kitchen, inspects accordingly

23-Aug 6:49 P.M. @DavidForbes: Glines: truck subject to light requirements, noise ordinance

23-Aug 6:51 P.M. @DavidForbes: Glines: Staff will regularly inspect trucks to ensure compliance

23-Aug 6:52 P.M. @DavidForbes: Glines: “A lot of disagreements” but a lot of agreements on this as well, proud of work on ordinance

23-Aug 6:53 P.M. @DavidForbes: Tuch: After talking with APD, think can integrate enforcement of food truck rules into normal routine.

23-Aug 6:53 P.M. @DavidForbes: Planner Shannon Tuch: Main complaint heard that ending downtown ban would “create culture of acceptance” for unpermitted food trucks

23-Aug 6:54 P.M. @DavidForbes: Tuch: Unpermitted trucks handled by APD, planning staff will handle ensuring permitted trucks obeying rules

23-Aug 6:57 P.M. @DavidForbes: Tuch: Presented those to Council’s Public Safety Commitee, they approved

23-Aug 6:57 P.M. @DavidForbes: Tuch: Despite positive steps, P&Z refused to endorse, had a lot of questions, used them to put together enforcement outline

23-Aug 6:58 P.M. @DavidForbes: Tuch: Don’t anticipate major zoning issues with this, don’t anticipate big issues w unlicensed trucks, APD can handle

23-Aug 6:59 P.M. @DavidForbes: Tuch: If major issues arise, will come back to Council to revise accordingly

23-Aug 7:01 P.M. @DavidForbes:  Bouchon owner Michel Baudouin: Seems to food trucks like we’re willfully obstructing their opportunities. … http: //

23-Aug 7:02 P.M. @DavidForbes: Baudouin: Due to concerns w process, should leave ban in place or extend process

23-Aug 7:04 P.M. @DavidForbes: Andrew Maykuth, chef at Admiral: Support food trucks, surprised by dissent over this

23-Aug 7:05 P.M. @DavidForbes: Maykuth: Asheville’s food scene “apathetic, stagnating” fear overrun by food trucks “absurd”

23-Aug 7:05 P.M. @DavidForbes: Maykuth: Competition adds to culinary art. Opening restaurant luxury few can afford

23-Aug 7:05 P.M. @DavidForbes: Maykuth: Asheville’s food scene “apathetic, stagnating” fear overrun by food trucks “absurd”

23-Aug 7:07 P.M. @DavidForbes: Chiaromonte: Restaurants aren’t diverse, they don’t like hot dog stands. Have to carry more liability for cart than restaurant

23-Aug 7:08 P.M. @mxeat: Maykuth: Competition adds to culinary art. Opening restaurant luxury few can afford

23-Aug 7:09 P.M. @DavidForbes: Chiaromonte: Can’t busk after 10pm. Is Asheville diverse? Heard restaurant owners buying up parking lots to stop trucks

23-Aug 7:11 P.M. @DavidForbes: Holt: Having people there until 3am “totally unreasonable.” Suggest limit to 10pm-midnight

23-Aug 7:11 P.M. @DavidForbes: Larry Holt, downtown biz owner: Supportive of food trucks, but have real problem with hours, already have enough noise

23-Aug 7:12 P.M. @DavidForbes: Holt: Approving food trucks will lead to sanitary issues, more trash, “other issues”

23-Aug 7:13 P.M. @DavidForbes: Holt: Having people there until 3am “totally unreasonable.” Suggest limit to 10pm-midnight

23-Aug 7:14 P.M. @DavidForbes: Butner: Limits permits in downtown, but not number of places. Have “unlimited permits, unlimited places” outside of downtown

23-Aug 7:14 P.M. @DavidForbes: Dwight Butner, owner of Vincenzo’s: We banned mobile food vending because competition not helpful to revitalize downtown

23-Aug 7:15 P.M. @mxeat: Dwight Butner: Food trucks fire hazard because of large propane tanks.

23-Aug 7:15 P.M. @DavidForbes: Butner: Trucks’ propane tanks also pose fire hazard, decibel level needs to be lower downtown

23-Aug 7:16 P.M. @DavidForbes: Butner: “You’re monekying w downtown’s economy, that’s what you’re doing” time buzzer cuts him off

23-Aug 7:17 P.M. @DavidForbes: Nate Kelly of @thelowdowntruck: Instead of competing, this will draw ppl downtown. Deserve same rights as restaurants

23-Aug 7:18 P.M. @DavidForbes: Kelly: Mobile food vendors a family, help each other. Change necessary to avoid stagnation

23-Aug 7:20 P.M. @DavidForbes: Gail Childress, downtown resident: My issue is noise. Idea can’t call about noise til 3am “quite shocking”

23-Aug 7:22 P.M. @DavidForbes: West: Trash also a concern, need to iron out kinks in rules

23-Aug 7:22 P.M. @DavidForbes: Mary Ann West, DARN: Need better buffer zone, noise will make downtown unlivable “and hurt the value of our condos”

23-Aug 7:23 P.M. @DavidForbes: Joe Minicozzi, director Downtown Association: Had survey, didn’t take side due to split in views from members

23-Aug 7:24 P.M. @DavidForbes: ADA’s survey found downtown residents, visitors, employees favor trucks, owners split

23-Aug 7:25 P.M. @DavidForbes: Joe Cobble, downtown resident: Wish we had more late night places, love food truck tacos, love restaurants

23-Aug 7:26 P.M. @DavidForbes: Cobble: Love to see more ambiance, as far as trash goes “you’ve got to be kidding me”

23-Aug 7:27 P.M. @DavidForbes: Cobble: Trash issue is ridiculous, not tied to food trucks. “Let’s have some little guys in business… We can live with it”

23-Aug 7:28 P.M. @DavidForbes: Cobble suggests hiring homeless to pick up cigarette butts, Chiaromonte shouts “amen!”

23-Aug 7:30 P.M. @DavidForbes: Allison Murphy of @veggieloveAvl: Want to feed “hungry, drunk people” provide more food options, use local foods

23-Aug 7:31 P.M. @DavidForbes: Phillips: “Addition of street food to Asheville’s list of foodie favorites” will only add to city

23-Aug 7:31 P.M. @DavidForbes: Suzy Phillips: Crushing movement’s ability to flourish “un-American and against the free market”

23-Aug 7:32 P.M. @DavidForbes: Phillips: Food trucks “stepping stone” to larger operation, bricks and mortar restaurant

23-Aug 7:33 P.M. @DavidForbes: Phillips: Looking for safe, legal way to do this, in addition to APD, staff, our coalition will help watch, enforcement

23-Aug 7:34 P.M. @DavidForbes: Phillips: “I take care of my own trash” recycle. We all want to mitigate environmental impact

23-Aug 7:35 P.M. @DavidForbes: Phillips: Fear restaurant owners will grab permits. Should require inspected truck before issuing permit

23-Aug 7:36 P.M. @DavidForbes: Phillips: “Family on the hunt for fine French or Italian dining” isn’t going to go to food truck, but option should be there

23-Aug 7:37 P.M. @DavidForbes: Peck: Vendors have interest in stopping unpermitted trucks, possibility of organizing watch w street food coalition

23-Aug 7:37 P.M. @DavidForbes: Libertarian activist/Council candidate Tim Peck: Council committee unanimously approved enforcement rules

23-Aug 7:39 P.M. @DavidForbes: Marni Graves of @pinktacotruck: Single mother started food truck, trying to offer alternative to fast food

23-Aug 7:40 P.M. @DavidForbes: Kim McQueen, downtown resident, property owner: Concerned about litter, “undue competition w struggling ind restaurants”

23-Aug 7:42 P.M. @DavidForbes: Andrew Abu Musa: There’s a way Asheville can foster this type of movement, suggests crowdsourcing these issues

23-Aug 7:43 P.M. @DavidForbes: Audrey McMurphy: Have spaceown in River District, approved for food trucks then told was approved due to “oversight”

23-Aug 7:44 P.M. @DavidForbes: McMurphy: “We need food there,” need traffic in River Arts District, don’t understand these resterictions

23-Aug 7:45 P.M. @DavidForbes: Timothy Sadler: “Wonderful idea” to allow trucks open to 3am. Food trucks “a wonderful opportunity”

23-Aug 7:46 P.M. @DavidForbes: Correction: name was Audrey McMurry

23-Aug 7:47 P.M. @DavidForbes: David Roe, downtown restaurant worker: Support this, want less restrictions on permits

23-Aug 7:48 P.M. @DavidForbes: Rev.Lisa Landis: Are we only rolling out red carpet for certain biz (Linamar) and not small biz?

23-Aug 7:49 P.M. @DavidForbes: Russell praising process, as downtown resident, would like some late night food.

23-Aug 7:49 P.M. @DavidForbes: Public hearing over. Russell: “Very hungry now for a falafel or steak tartar”

23-Aug 7:50 P.M. @DavidForbes: Russell: One person can’t get all 10 permits. Feels rules address noise well

23-Aug 7:51 P.M. @DavidForbes: Russell: As for competition, “we live in a free market economy, that’s a lesser concern.”

23-Aug 7:52 P.M. @DavidForbes: Russell: If we find there are problems, we can make some changes

23-Aug 7:52 P.M. @DavidForbes: Russell: with $500 fines for unpermitted truck, poss jail time, violators won’t do it very long

23-Aug 7:53 P.M. @DavidForbes: Russell makes motion to approve rules allowing food trucks in downtown

23-Aug 7:54 P.M. @DavidForbes: Russell makes amendment to add provision that inspected truck must be ready before vendor can apply

23-Aug 7:58 P.M. @DavidForbes: Council mem Gordon Smith asks about incentives to use better power source. Daniel: Don’t have time to figure out now, will research

23-Aug 8:01 P.M. @DavidForbes: Council mem Esther Manheimer: People “don’t want food court under window” but limited spaces

23-Aug 8:02 P.M. @DavidForbes: Manheimer: Concerns about 3am, would prefer midnight. Out at 3am, to me, “says college town.”

23-Aug 8:03 P.M. @DavidForbes: Manheimer: Overall, “we’re jumping off a cliff, but it’s low.”

23-Aug 8:04 P.M. @DavidForbes: Correction: Name was David Roat, not Roe.

23-Aug 8:05 P.M. @DavidForbes: Manheimer ?s about liability insurance, sales tax. Tuch: Don’t require liability unless city is a a party, don’t deal w sales tax

23-Aug 8:06 P.M. @DavidForbes: Manheimer: Requiring someone to own truck before permit seems to fly in face of how we generally do things

23-Aug 8:08 P.M. @DavidForbes: Russell changes requirement to have truck open w/in 30 days w poss of extension

23-Aug 8:08 P.M. @DavidForbes: City Atty Bob Oast: Council could require to open truck w/in certain amount of time.

23-Aug 8:09 P.M. @DavidForbes: Council mem Jan Davis: Despite tempers flaring, mostly civil process

23-Aug 8:10 P.M. @DavidForbes: Davis: Wished we had comparison w towns w more tourism

23-Aug 8:11 P.M. @DavidForbes: Davis: Hard for me to sit here and stand in way of entrepreneur, but have “tremendous concerns” about burden on existing restaurants

23-Aug 8:12 P.M. @DavidForbes: Davis: “Restaurant owners have come up to me and said ‘don’t do this’”

23-Aug 8:13 P.M. @DavidForbes: Davis: We need more affordable options, but have to be considerate of ppl currently paying taxes, owning property

23-Aug 8:15 P.M. @michaelfmuller: Where else but Asheville could we all get so worked up about civic dorkdom? i love this place.

23-Aug 8:15 P.M. @DavidForbes: Davis: Have concerns about trash, generator noise. Want more trash cans in western corridor

23-Aug 8:16 P.M. @DavidForbes: Davis: Also not sure cost of permit is high enough to recover costs

23-Aug 8:17 P.M. @DavidForbes: Davis: Also have problem with 10 permits in 50 block area, 10 new points of sale in downtown great in summer, less in Feb.

23-Aug 8:20 P.M. @DavidForbes: Newman makes amendment to restrict hours to 11pm if generator, 2am if electric

23-Aug 8:20 P.M. @DavidForbes: Newman: Concerns about hours, generator noise. Tuch: Downtown commish raised limit after hearing generators, talking to vendors

23-Aug 8:21 P.M. @DavidForbes: Russell doesn’t accept amendment, “let’s see how it goes first.” Manheimer seconds Newman’s amendment

23-Aug 8:23 P.M. @DavidForbes: Smith: like incentive for electric, but confused about time, prefer midnight and 3am

23-Aug 8:24 P.M. @DavidForbes: Smith: Instead of college town, later hours feels like European city, people need to get food after bars close

23-Aug 8:25 P.M. @DavidForbes: Smith proposes changing to midnight and 3am. Newman refuses, rather “err on side of quality of life”

23-Aug 8:26 P.M. @DavidForbes: Newman’s amendment to change closing hours to 11pm w generator, 2am w electric passes 5-2. Smith, Russell against

23-Aug 8:27 P.M. @DavidForbes: Bothwell: Only other site-specific permit we issue for adult entertainment. Davis: “Think you’ve conjured up a whole new biz” idea

23-Aug 8:28 P.M. @DavidForbes: Bothwell: Really like the idea of food trucks, respect the concerns of downtown people, want to be all electric, no generators.

23-Aug 8:34 P.M. @mxeat: Manheimer seconds Bothwell’s motion [to require food trucks have electric plug-in power]. Passes 4-3. Russell, Smith, Newman against

23-Aug 8:35 P.M. @mxeat: This is @DavidForbes, Twitter’s limit bs stopped my updates. Back on this acct

23-Aug 8:36 P.M. @mxeat: Newman drops generator closing time limits, since ordinance only allows electrical now

23-Aug 8:37 P.M. @mxeat This is @DavidForbes, Twitter’s limit bs stopped my updates. Back on this acct

23-Aug 8:37 P.M. @mxeat: Bellamy calls report “unusual” wants higher fee for food trucks, right now “really unfair” compared to what restaurants pay

23-Aug 8:40 P.M. @mxeat: Bellamy now concerned about grease dumped down storm drains. Staff: we enforce stormwater regs

23-Aug 8:47 P.M. @mxeat: Bellamy feels issue hasn’t been vetted enough, despite process

23-Aug 8:47 P.M. @mxeat: Bellamy also concerned about age of trucks, Davis: not a problem for this use

23-Aug 8:49 P.M. @mxeat: Bellamy thinks permit fee is too low, doesn’t like “red tape vs. red carpet” comparison w Linamar deal

23-Aug 8:50 P.M. @mxeat: Bellamy asking about lack of separation requirement. Daniel: That was extensively discussed, chose not to have requirement

23-Aug 8:53 P.M. @mxeat: Bellamy still has issues w low fee Tuch: Fee set according to current scale Newman: Isn’t a bldg, a mobile truck

23-Aug 8:54 P.M. @mxeat: Daniel: Next level up $350. Oast: Be careful setting fee, legally has to be approximate to staff time spent

23-Aug 8:56 P.M. @mxeat: Newman: Can take a look at fees later Bothwell: Rent charged by parking lot owners helps them pay their taxes

23-Aug 8:57 P.M. @DavidForbes: Back!

23-Aug 8:57 P.M. @DavidForbes: Smith: Want to thank everyone involved in process, a lot of time and study

23-Aug 8:59 P.M. @DavidForbes: Food truck rules pass 4-3. Bothwell, Bellamy, Davis against. Bothwell concerned about fees

23-Aug 9:00 P.M. @DavidForbes: Since passed 4-3, will need 2nd reading at future Council meeting. Russell trying to convince Bothwell to change vote

23-Aug 9:03 P.M. @DavidForbes: Russell to Bothwell: “Just want to make sure you knew what we were voting on” Bothwell: I mentioned fee earlier

23-Aug 9:05 P.M. @DavidForbes: Rules have passed 4-3. Bellamy, Davis, Bothwell against. Will required second reading due to closeness of vote

23-Aug 9:12 P.M. @DavidForbes: Council in 20-min closed session to discuss Biltmore Lake annexation lawsuit

23-Aug 9:18 P.M. @DavidForbes: Meeting’s not over yet, y’all. P&Z appointments coming up

23-Aug 9:20 P.M. @DavidForbes: Since I’m getting more questions on food truck vote – For: Smith, Russell, Newman, Manheimer. Against: Bothwell, Davis, Bellamy

23-Aug 9:24 P.M. @DavidForbes: Suzy Phillips to Xpress: Don’t mind electrical requirement, cheaper than quiet generators, environmentally sound

23-Aug 9:25 P.M. @DavidForbes: Phillips: I’d like to vend to 2am at least, but mainly want access to downtown.

23-Aug 9:27 P.M. @DavidForbes: Phillips: “The heat kills us, the rain kills us.” Food truck biz already uphill fight.

23-Aug 9:29 P.M. @DavidForbes: Personal analysis: Based on debate, think nature/boundaries of Asheville’s nightlife are going to be a future issue

23-Aug 9:31 P.M. @JakeFrankel: MT @DavidForbes Food truck vote – For: Smith, Russell, Newman, Manheimer. Against: Bothwell, Davis, Bellamy

23-Aug 9:32 P.M. @DavidForbes: MT @_tatuaje_: Would like to ask Council candidates who they’d vote for P&Z @hunt_marc @laelgray @TJRunner @saulchase?

23-Aug 9:33 P.M. @DavidForbes: Council members on Twitter: @brownienewman @cecilbothwell @gordondsmith @BlueRidgeBilly

223-Aug 9:45 P.M. @DavidForbes: Oast explaining 2nd reading: since change to UDO didn’t pass 5-2, will need 2nd reading at next mtg

23-Aug 9:46 P.M. @DavidForbes: Jackson: We’ll review trash collection, get fire marshal’s response on propane tanks.

23-Aug 9:47 P.M. @DavidForbes: Oast: No public hearing on food trucks at next meeting before 2nd reading vote, unless proposal changes

23-Aug 9:48 P.M. @DavidForbes: Council now considering FAA grants for Avl Regional Airport

23-Aug 9:49 P.M. @DavidForbes: Grants would go to airport master plan, firefighting facility, fire vehicle

23-Aug 9:51 P.M. @DavidForbes: Since still getting questions: #avlfoodtruck rules passed 4-3. Will need 2nd reading at nxt mtg. 

23-Aug 9:51 P.M. @DavidForbes: Grants pass unanimously. Onto Planning and Zoning appointments

23-Aug 9:53 P.M. @DavidForbes: Council members naming picks

23-Aug 9:54 P.M. @DavidForbes: Manheimer: Jeremy Goldstein, Abigal Emison, Christie Carter

23-Aug 9:54 P.M. @DavidForbes: Bothwell: Joe Minicozzi, Jane Mathews, Steve Rasmussen

23-Aug 9:55 P.M. @DavidForbes: Newman: Carter, David Mosrie, Jane Mathews

23-Aug 9:56 P.M. @DavidForbes: Smith: Mathews, Minicozzi, Mosrie.

23-Aug 9:57 P.M. @DavidForbes: Jane Mathews, Christie Carter, Jeremy Goldstein newest Planning and Zoning Commission members

23-Aug 9:59 P.M. @DavidForbes: Bellamy: Guarantee three people we appointed will not make all of Asheville happy.

23-Aug 10:00 P.M. @DavidForbes: Correction: Kristy Carter. My apologies, it’s been a long night

23-Aug 10:01 P.M. @DavidForbes: Chiaromonte: Water still off in Pritchard Park, APD is harassing me, Asheville like Sodom and Gomorrah

23-Aug 10:05 P.M. @DavidForbes: Timothy Sadler: Some level of profiling of homeless. Also want to be assured prepraed for Irene or other serious storm

23-Aug 10:07 P.M. @DavidForbes: Jackson: We’ll have a preparedness briefing at the next mtg. Davis: Very real prep for coming storm

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