Asheville Area Support Groups

Adult Children of Alcoholics & Dysfunctional Families

For people who grew up in an alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional home.

MONDAYS, 7 pm – First Congregational UCC, 20 Oak St.

FRIDAYS, 7 pm – Grace Episcopal Church, 871 Merrimon Ave.

WEDNESDAYS, 7 pm – New Hope Presbyterian Church., 3070 Sweeten Creek Road

SATURDAYS, 8:30 am – First Baptist Church, 312 5th Ave. W., Hendersonville

SUNDAYS, 3 pm – The Servanthood House, 156 E. Chestnut St.


Al-Anon/ Alateen Family Groups

For a full list of meetings contact or 800-286-1326.


Alcoholics Anonymous

For a full list of meetings in WNC, call 828-254-8539 or


Asheville Women for Sobriety

• THURSDAYS, 6:30-8 pm – YWCA of Asheville, 185 S. French Broad Ave.


Asperger’s Adults United
• 2nd & 4th SATURDAYS, 2-4 pm – Hyphen, 81 Patton Ave. Occasionally meets additional Saturdays; contact for details.


Asperger’s Teens United
• SATURDAYS, 6-9 pm – For teens (13-19) and their parents.  Meets every 3 weeks starting June 28.


Black Men Mondays

• LAST MONDAYS, 6:30-8 pm – Community Action Opportunities, to bring positive, strong and like-minded Black men together for the benefit of one another as well as the community. Meets at 25 Gaston St. Info: 828-361-4529.


Carolina Resource Center for Eating Disorders

50 S. French Broad Ave.,
• 1st and 3rd MONDAYS, 5:30-7:30 pm – Family Support Group.
• WEDNESDAYS, 6-7 pm – Adult support group, ages 18+.


Codependents Anonymous

• TUESDAYS, 7:30 pm – Asheville 12-Step Recovery Club, 22B New Leicester Highway
• SATURDAYS, 11:15 am – First Congregational UCC, 20 Oak St. Use back door.


Debtors Anonymous

• MONDAYS, 7 pm – First Congregational Church, 20 Oak St (enter in back and ring doorbell)


Magnetic Minds Depression and Bipolar Support Group or or 828-367-7660

• SATURDAYS, 2-3:30 pm – 1316-C Parkwood Road


Diabetes Support or 828-213-4788

• 3rd WEDNESDAYS, 3:30 pm – Mission Health, 1 Hospital Drive. Room 3-B


Eating Disorders Anonymous

• WEDNESDAYS, 4 pm – 22B New Leicester Highway, (around to the side of the building)

• THURSDAYS, 8:30-9:15 pm – The Relationship Center, 70 Woodfin Place, Suite #021 (enter through side door on left)


Electro-Sensitivity Support

For electrosensitive individuals. For location and info contact or 255-3350.


Food Addicts Anonymous

828-423-6191 or 828-301-4084

• THURSDAYS, 6 pm – Asheville 12 Step Club, 1340A Patton Ave.


Gamblers Anonymous


• Contact for meeting location and time.


Heart of Recovery Meditation Group

Teaches how to integrate meditation with any 12-step recovery program.

• TUESDAYS, 6 pm- Shambhala Meditation Center, 19 Westwood Place


Heart Support

For individuals living with heart failure. 828-274-6000
• 1st TUESDAYS, 2-4 pm – Asheville Cardiology Associates, 5 Vanderbilt Drive

Hope Connections

Clinically led support group for loved ones of addicts and alcoholics. 828-575-2701
• 1st WEDNESDAYS, 6-7:30 pm – Crest View Recovery Center, 90 Asheland Ave., Suite D


Living With Chronic Pain

Hosted by American Chronic Pain Association. 776-4809.
• 2nd WEDNESDAYS, 6:30 pm – Swannanoa Library, 101 W. Charleston Ave.


Memory Loss Caregivers

For caregivers of those with memory loss or dementia.
• 2nd TUESDAYS, 9:30 am – Highland Farms Retirement Community, 200 Tabernacle Road, Black Mountain


Men Working On Life’s Issues

828-273-5334 or 828-231-8434
• TUESDAYS, 6-8 pm – Contact for location.


Mission Health Family Group Night

For caregivers of children with social health needs or development concerns. 828-213-9787
• 1st TUESDAYS, 5:30 pm – Mission Reuter Children’s Center, 11 Vanderbilt Park Drive


Nar-Anon Family Groups

For relatives and friends concerned about the addiction or drug problem of a loved one.
• MONDAYS, 7 pm – West Asheville Presbyterian Church, 690 Haywood Road
• WEDNESDAYS, 12:30 pm – First United Methodist Church, 204 6th Ave. W., Hendersonville


National Alliance on Mental Illness

For people living with mental health issues and their loved ones. or 505-7353.
• 1st & 3rd THURSDAYS, 7-8:30 pm – (Anxiety Support Group) Learning and sharing in a caring setting about dealing with one’s own anxiety. NAMI Office, 356 Biltmore Ave., 828-231-2198
• THURSDAYS, 2 pm – (Dual diagnosis group) Central United Methodist Church, 27 Church St.
• 1st SATURDAYS, 10 am – (Connection group) NAMI Office, 356 Biltmore Ave.
• 1st SATURDAYS, 10 am – (Family/ caregiver group) NAMI Office, 356 Biltmore Ave.


Overcomers of Domestic Violence

For anyone who is dealing with physical and/or emotional abuse. 665-9499
• WEDNESDAYS, noon-1 pm – The First Christian Church, 470 Enka Lake Road, Candler


Overcomers Recovery Support Group

A Christian 12-step program;

• MONDAYS, 6 pm – SOS Anglican Mission, 1944 Hendersonville Road


Overeaters Anonymous

Regional number: 828-277-1975

MONDAYS, 6 pm – First Congregational UCC, 20 Oak St.

WEDNESDAYS, 6 pm – First Congregational UCC, 20 Oak St.

THURSDAYS, noon – Biltmore United Methodist Church, 376 Hendersonville Road

SATURDAYS, 9:30 am – Black Mountain United Methodist Church (rear building), 101 Church St., Black Mountain


Recovering Couples Anonymous

For couples where at least one member is recovering from addiction.

• MONDAYS, 6:30-7:30 pm – Foster Seventh Day Adventists Church, 376 Hendersonville Road


Refuge Recovery

Buddhist path for recovery from addiction. For a full list of meetings visit


Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA)

For info about SAA: For detailed info about the Hendersonville meeting:

• SATURDAYS, 8:30-9:30 am – First Congregational Church, 1735 Fifth Avenue West, Hendersonville


S-Anon Family Groups

For those affected by another’s sexaholism. Four confidential meetings are available weekly in WNC. For dates, times and locations contact or 828-258-5117.


Smart Recovery

Helps individuals gain independence from all types of addictive behavior.

• THURSDAYS, 6 pm – Grace Episcopal Church, 871 Merrimon Ave. Info: 828-407-0460

• SUNDAYS, 7 pm – Crossroads Recovery Center, 440 East Court St., Marion, Info: 828-925-8626


Strength in Survivorship

For cancer survivors. Led by a licensed professional counselor. or 808-7673

• 1st & 3rd SATURDAYS, 11 am-noon – Mills River Library, 124 Town Drive, Mills River


Sunrise Community

Haywood Street Congregation, 297 Haywood St., 828-552-3858,

• MONDAYS, noon-1 pm – Peer support recovery group

• TUESDAYS, 10-11 am – Community Resiliency Model: PTSD and Recovery

• TUESDAYS, noon-1 pm – Peer support recovery group

• WEDNESDAYS, 9-10 am – Story Circle: Sharing our Stories

• WEDNESDAYS, noon-1:30 pm – SMART Recovery

• THURSDAYS, noon-1 pm – Peer support recovery group

• FRIDAYS, 12:30-1:30 pm – MAEA, Medication Assisted Recovery anonymous

• SUNDAYS, 1-2:30 pm – Wellness Recovery Action Plan Workshops and Peer Support, check website for date spans

1st & 3rd SUNDAYS, 11:30 am-12:30 pm – Reiki with Asheville Reiki Connection


Sylva Grief Support

Hosted by Four Seasons Compassion for Life. 

• TUESDAYS, 10:30 am – Jackson County Department on Aging, 100 Country Services Park, Sylva


Sunrise Peer Support Volunteer Services

Offers peer support services for mental health and substance use issues and wellness;
• TUESDAYS through THURSDAYS, 1-3 pm – Kairos West Community Center, 742 Haywood Road


Underearners Anonymous
• TUESDAYS, 6 pm – First Baptist Church, 5 Oak St., Room SC201


To add information about your support group to our online listings, contact or 828-251-1333. Support groups must be free of charge to be listed.

22 thoughts on “Asheville Area Support Groups

  1. Linda

    I am looking for a support group for parents of children who are in overseas ngo’s (non-governmental organizations) in dangerous parts of the world. My son was in the Dominican Republic for over 3 yrs. first with the Peace Corp and then another ngo. This time he has his heart set on Africa, excluding South Africa, where he has already been with a ngo. He has not received his station yet, but I am worried sick. This is what he wants to do, and I know I can’t change his mind, even if I wanted to. What I need is a group (probably exclusively on-line) to help me cope with my anxiety. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Audri

    Is there any kind of support group for partners/friends/etc of someone who is depressed?

    • Betty About

      Come to Magnetic Minds Asheville on Saturday at 4 pm or Wednesday at 7pm. We are located at 1316-C Parkwood Road, this is in a suete directly off Patton Ave. This is an open group for any one to come. We are inclusive to Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. Hope to see you there!

      • Psychtruth

        Know any groups for those doing well who left the psych system? Activists?

  3. Selene

    Does anyone know of a support group that covers all body issues, not just eating disorders?

  4. Samantha

    Are there support groups for victims of malignant narcissist in the Asheville , NC area

    • SARAH

      Hey Samantha,
      You might want to check out Co-DA or ACOA (if it was a family member)
      Codependents often find themselves involved with narcissists.

    • Brittnee thompson

      Samantha, There are groups for survivors of the malignant narcissist. You can find them on Facebook, type in the search for groups for survivors. They are very supportive and enlightening. I never saw your ad until now, I hope you found help my friend. There is a lot to be learned on Google search and many YouTube channels. It’s important to educate yourself and also to know that the nice guy is just an ACT it isn’t real. Neither is the hoovering games they play. They don’t love themselves and treat us the way they truly feel inside. Their false self which is the one you see acts grandiose, self seeking, devalues, acts like we are nothing, their personality disorder seeks to make you feel the way they feel inside. No matter how much love and attention you give to them they don’t take it in and cannot feel empathy nor love. We must learn to accept this reality and move on from there with them. They are an idealization of the things we want in someone not real so we must take care of ourselves and let go of our pretending they are what we need. There disorder mirrors us for they have no true identity. They have no self esteem. Good luck in your journey and your knowledge and strength. You will come through this you just need to accept the reality and begin to focus on you and take good care of yourself. Be there for you and start to begin the journey to self healing. It is within you not outside of you and in them. We have always been taught to give ourselves away, but do take yourself back and be gentle and loving to her. Brittnee Thompson

      • Ann

        You are spot on! Wish we could help more women to open their eyes and be brave enough to take back their life. Don’t keep giving to the narcissist who is only out to suck you dry. It took me too long to understand this. Praise God I have been free for two years now. Finally getting to know the real me.

        • Ann

          Britnee and Ann,
          I am interested in starting or becoming a part of a support group to meet with women like you and to reach out to other women who are struggling to break free from the narcissist. Mine almost was the death of me. I have been free for over two years and beginning to love myself. I know there many women out there who feel trapped. I would like to share how I was able to be brave enough to leave AND stay away. Please let me know how we can get together to help some women. I am not on Facebook. Ann

  5. Stella

    I’m having a hard time finding any support groups for caregivers in Asheville that meet more than once a month. I am only here for two months caring for a friend undergoing cancer treatments. I’ve looked on meet up also and nothing there

  6. Marcella Gonzalez

    Looking for a support group for individuals who are severely depressed.

  7. Kim

    Are there any bereavement or grief support groups in or around the Asheville area? For loss of significant other

  8. Melissa Jellema

    Are there any support groups for people with panic disorder? It would really help to gather and listen to people who suffer the same way I do.

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