"Party Keg" cartoon by Brent Brown

Party Keg

Lately, it seems as if certain multi-lettered agencies are following the letter of the law, more than the spirit, when it comes to spirits, and particularly malt beverages in beer-soaked Asheville and surrounding areas. Whether a result of too many alcohol-related fests too fast; poor communication from one side, the other, or both; or a new focus to step up enforcement; […]

Asheville-Buncombe Drug Commission completes its first annual report

Founded in 2005, the Asheville-Buncombe Drug Commission completed its first annual report. The report, which attempts to give a current look at substance abuse in Buncombe County and provide a plan to address it, was released yesterday, Oct. 15. A link to the report can be found in this post. (Image shown is a screenshot taken of the report itself)