Firehouse Subs donates public safety gear to Asheville and Henderson County

In two ceremonies this week, the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation donated a specialized rescue trailer to Asheville Fire and Rescue and automatic defibrillators to Henderson County Schools.

(L – R: David Flores, Laurel Bowen, Monte Sims, Chief Scott Burnette, Donna Sims, Stacy Bowen, Barry Hendren, Jay Bettencourt Photo courtesy of Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation)

What shall we do without us?

A few weeks ago I broke my knee. It was a big dramatic affair with a 911 call, firefighters and an ambulance ride. I rode in the ambulance to Mission ER, with an emergency medical-services worker taking my blood pressure, covering me with a blanket, talking to me reassuringly, and yet with the seriousness of […]

Weathering the storm

They were on full alert in the building just off City/County Plaza that houses Asheville’s Police and Fire departments. Preparing for the worst, extra staff was on board, equipment was at the ready, and the Emergency Operations Command Center had its supplemental communications systems fired up. In short, both departments were on standby for disaster. […]