Busted: Inside the Bele Chere Doggie Jail

At last year’s festival, Xpress visited Asheville’s cutest convicts at the Bele Chere Doggie Jail. A far cry (or bark) from Alcatraz, proceeds from this rather posh and comfortable hoosegow go to Animal Compassion Network, a local foster and adoption organization whose many goals include finding “lifelong, stable and loving homes” for animals. For more information about ACN, visit http://www.animalcompassionnetwork.org.

Let’s get real about race

Thanks to David Forbes and the Mountain Xpress for covering the lack of hip-hop at Bele Chere in the Aug. 10 issue [“Not Too Kool”]. DJ Kool and Doug E. Fresh would have been a wonderful addition to the lineup. The suggestion that they pose any sort of "risk" in comparison to other artists is […]

People are not born prejudiced

Regarding the Aug. 10 Xpress article, “Not Too Kool,” my daughter is a white, female, Jewish hip-hop artist (check her out at heidid.com). She does not drink, smoke or take drugs. She graduated valedictorian of her high school class. As my youngest son wrote at the tender age of 7, "People are not born prejudiced. […]