Bill Branyon has more in common with Billy Graham than he would like to admit

For a self-proclaimed freethinker, Bill Branyon certainly seems unable to form his own philosophy [“We Still Cogitate,” March 9 Xpress]. He criticizes right-wing Christians while lauding the belifs (or non-beliefs) of Socrates, Nietzsche, Vonnegut, Ghandi and Marx … uh, that's Groucho Marx. Branyon and most fundamentalist hypo-Christians could still learn a bit from the teachings […]

Judgment days

Paying their respects: Billy Graham speaks at the opening of his library in Charlotte earlier this year. Three former presidents — George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton — were there to speak of their admiration for him. Photo By Cecil Bothwell In the weeks after John F. Kennedy won one of the closest […]

Billy Graham confidenti­al: New Nixon political memos released

Will it ever stop? Years after his death, President Richard Nixon’s secrets keep rising from the archives—as the latest batch did just last week. illustration by V.C. Rogers With the release of each classified memo and secretly recorded tape, more is learned about the inner workings of the Nixon White House—and of the people who […]