Living-wage “offsets” are questionab­le

I was deeply disappointed to read Jake Frankel's Aug. 24 Xpress article “Working It: Living Wages are Good for Business” which states “living wage — currently $11.35 per hour without health insurance or $9.85 per hour with it.” This statement ignores the fine print in Just Economics' Living Wage Certification Program, which can be found […]

Beyond the Shirley Temple

Sometimes it seems like Asheville’s all about the booze. We’re Beer City, USA, after all. But where to sip something special sans suds? Asheville has a large selection of drinkable treats that are alcohol-free. Buchi Kombucha is a perfect example of how locally focused and healthy Asheville can be as a whole. The fermented-tea drink […]

V for Values, not Vendetta

I offer this in response to Josh Yazell's Jan. 5 letter, “Buchi Story More Vendetta than Journalism,” a response to David Forbes' article “Bottled in Bond” [Dec. 22 Xpress]. As Forbes responded to Yazell, claims presented to them by me were investigated and documented. In interviews with Xpress, the Asheville Citizen-Times and [the radio program] […]

“Local” doesn’t guarantee ethical business

The recent article on the firing at Buchi Kombucha should serve as a reminder that “local” business doesn’t inherently mean fair business ["Bottled in Bond," Dec. 22 Xpress]. Often the economic re-localization movement presents “local” as a panacea for a wide variety of economic and social woes while ignoring the systemic pressures brought to bear […]

Will work for Kombucha

I do not consider kombucha a "luxury” [”Bottled in Bond,” Dec. 22 Xpress]. It is a health drink in many cultures and essential to my healthy lifestyle. If I were employed at a business where I was given two bottles as part of my wages, I would consider it a benefit. Perhaps other local businesses […]

Buchi story more vendetta than journalism

I was rather surprised by your recent article "Bottled in Bond” [Dec. 22 Xpress]. This "reporter" is a joke and has written a completely biased, libelous and one-sided smear piece to further [his] friend’s obvious vendetta. The Mountain Xpress should be ashamed of publishing such tabloid yellow journalism. I have it on good authority (my […]

Local capitalism is still capitalism

Over the course of the 100 bloody years that it took the U.S. labor movement to win the eight-hour workday, labor militants struck, rioted and were executed for what was then seen as an overly radical demand that would destabilize industry and ruin the economy. Capitalism has undergone massive restructuring on a global scale, including […]