A grand tasting of WNC

Perhaps instead of “Paris of the South,” we should consider “Napa Valley of the east coast.” With our growing reputation for wines, local-spirit cocktails, bean-to-bar and handcrafted chocolates, an exploding brewery scene and world-class dining options, it wouldn’t be completely inaccurate. In celebrate of our area’s edible bounty, the Asheville Wine and Food Festival is […]

Charlotte Observer: Vibrant Cúrate in Asheville can cure a jaded palate

Helen Schwab, restaurant reviewer for the Charlotte Observer, recently visited Asheville where she ate at Cúrate, giving the restaurant a stellar review: “Cúrate – say KOO-rah-tay – means “cure yourself” in Spanish. And it’s not a lolling infinitive, a you-might-want-to-think-eventually-about-curing-yourself idea. No, it’s imperative: KOO-rah-tay! Do it! And so you should: Drive to Asheville and […]

The straight dish

Through the past few decades, the public perception of chefs has shifted. Once a strictly back-of-the-house position, chefs are now considered rock stars in aprons shouting at underlings, and globe-trotting gourmands eating strange foods and hamming it up for the camera. Thank you, Food Network. The rise of the celebrity chef has spawned a slew […]

The tipping point

It's Friday night, and Carla Gilfillan is just starting her shift at Outback Steakhouse on Tunnel Road. She'll spend the next six hours juggling orders and handling the requests of several dozen people. By the end of the night, her pedometer will indicate she's clocked nearly 20 miles around the restaurant, refilling drinks, dropping off […]

Charleston Magazine calls Asheville a “cool getaway”

In Charleston Magazine, Melissa Smith (an Asheville local) writes, “Escape to this Western North Carolina gem for the best of what’s new in town, including novel restaurants, amusing entertainment, and an urban-chic place to lay your head.” For entertainment, Smith recommends Navitat and LaZoom. For dining, Cúrate, Storm and Magnetic Field. To sleep, Hotel Indigo. […]