State court rules Buncombe County zoning, multifamil­y condo ordinance invalid

The North Carolina Court of Appeals has ruled that Buncombe County’s zoning and multi-family condominium ordinances are invalid, asserting that the Board of Commissioners failed to give proper notice for the public hearings on those matter. At press time, the board was scheduled to meet in closed session on March 24 to decide whether to […]

Buncombe Commission­ers will not appeal zoning lawsuit: will restart approval process

Buncombe County will not appeal an N.C. Court of Appeals ruling that overturned its zoning and multifamily condo ordinances, the Board of Commissioners decided after a closed session today. Instead, the county will restart the zoning-approval process — and pursue a moratorium on “undesirable” property uses in the meantime.

Still facing severe space crunch, county seeks stimulus money

Buncombe County oversees many services, including health, elections, the Sheriff’s Office and the court system. All those agencies and more, with their attendant staff and paperwork, have to have somewhere to go, and as the county’s grown, the amount of vacant space available has dwindled. At the county commissioners’ Jan. 9-10 retreat, they tasked County […]

Poisoned fruit

Developer Stewart Coleman apparently thinks to use a legal loophole to do an end run around public and City Council opposition to his proposed Parkside condos adjacent to City Hall. Here’s what’s wrong with this picture: Aside from the litany of serious problems with his plans, citizen scrutiny of Parkside this past year has exposed […]

Health Net to forge links, fill in cracks

Buncombe County and Health Partners, an Asheville-based nonprofit, are gearing up to roll out an ambitious online system later this year called Health Net that will help safety-net providers better serve the county’s uninsured, low-income and impoverished residents. Nothing but Net: Health Net Director J. Nelson-Weaver says the system will connect all of the area’s […]