From the vaults: a 2007 look at Yelton, Asheville’­s local far-right

With Don Yelton’s controversial remarks on the Daily Show making national news, here’s some context about local right-wing activism. In 2007, Xpress profiled the Carolina Stompers, a local hardline conservative activist group including Yelton and then-future Buncombe GOP Chair Chad Nesbitt, known for flamboyant tactics and its promises to “stomp” liberalism.

The one on the right

"We've got to spend less time fighting amongst ourselves," proclaims Timothy F. Johnson, the North Carolina Republican Party's new vice chair. "The Bible tells us that a house divided cannot stand. Well, a party divided cannot win. The first thing is to hopefully start fostering that unity." "A party divided cannot win": After a bitterly […]

Board of Elections dismisses GOP complaints

In a tense Oct. 29 meeting, the Buncombe County Board of Elections cited lack of evidence in voting 2-1 to dismiss complaints by the Buncombe County Republican Party concerning alleged election-law violations. The complaints concerned James Taylor concert tickets given away at three polling locations. So, about those tickets: Board of Elections member Robert Van […]

Who’s afraid of the big, bad Witch?

Ever since we led a protest rite against Buncombe County officials’ sale of public parkland graced by a pair of magestic old magnolia trees to developer Stewart Coleman, the über-Republican Carolina Stompers have aimed religiously bigoted attacks at our Coven Oldenwilde—first through a video ridiculing City Council candidate Elaine Lite for participating in the protest, […]

Fighting mad

The Carolina Stompers Web page features an angry-looking, anthropomorphic elephant chomping on a cigar and flexing an extremely well-muscled arm emblazoned with the letters “USA.” An audio track of an elephant’s roar starts up, and a banner below reads, “stomping liberals and RINOs [Republicans in Name Only] for our children’s future.” Ready to rumble: The […]