SOAKING IN NATURE: Evergreen Community Charter School fourth-graders participate in citizen science by surveying and monitoring bird populations on their forested cam- pus. The school emphasizes the importance of interacting with the natural world for learning. Photo courtesy of Evergreen Community Charter School

The color of choice: Local charter schools offer options, with trade-offs

Amid the continuing debate over school choice and whether North Carolina should even allow charter schools, people on both sides of the issue seem to agree that Buncombe County‚Äôs five charters stand apart from their counterparts across the state. Asheville has about as long a history with charter schools as any Tar Heel city. Francine […]

Charter schools are too valuable to dismiss

It is frustrating that we continue to hear some education officials and “experts” naming charter schools among the “threats” to public education [“Back To School,” May 1 Xpress]. This attitude, asserted by people who influence public understanding, is territorial, unfounded and has gone on for too many years now. Lumping charter schools into a category […]