Will tiny homes be Asheville’­s next big thing?

The blogosphere is abuzz these days with romantic visions of picturesque miniature dwellings. And a growing number of local advocates say the “tiny home movement” could help achieve a wealth of positive outcomes, from environmental efficiencies to enhanced affordability. Amid the swelling interest, however, many hurdles remain.

Board of Adjustment­s approves revised Coggins Farm plan

After nearly eight hours of witness testimony, evidence and cross-examinations, the Buncombe County Board of Adjustment voted 6-1 to approve the proposed development of Coggins Farm in Riceville. During the hearing, the board had the opportunity to hear from neighbors concerned with the possibility of development affecting their own property values, flooding from Bull Creek and the increased traffic the project would create on roads that residents say are already dangerous.

Clean and green?

Their argument wasn’t quite toxic, but Buncombe County Commissioners fiercely debated a resolution extolling the virtues of green cleaning Feb. 18. Pushed by Vice Chair Ellen Frost, the “Resolution Regarding Use of Non-Toxic Cleaners” urges county staff to “incorporate environmental considerations into purchasing decisions” by using guiding principals developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. […]

There is no ‘light’ developmen­t

Reading [“Colliding Visions” Jan. 22, Xpress] made my heart sick. I had heard that the Coggins Farm was in the process of being sold to a developer. What the article failed to mention is what an amazing, gorgeous piece of property it is! I had walked it many times. There are acres of woods full […]