Box Creek Wilderness gets new lease on life after developmen­t plan fizzles

Large areas of untrammeled nature are increasingly hard to come by in North Carolina — especially where the mountains meet the Piedmont, the state’s most urbanized and densely populated region. But every so often, wilderness gets a reprieve. So it is with the Box Creek Wilderness, a 3,300-acre link between the Blue Ridge and the South Mountains just east of Asheville.

Aerial photograph­ers will map every foot of North Carolina this winter

The project, which will produce photo-maps of unmatched detail, is part of the state’s 911 emergency-readiness program. “You will be able to make out individual branches on the trees,” said N.C. forester Andrew D. Bailey. In addition to helping emergency response, the imagery will also be used by other state and local agencies, including conservation agencies such as the state Forest Service and local parks and recreation offices.

Buncombe Commission­ers

Commissioners approve $1.8 million for conservation easements Affordable-housing development wins initial approval At the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners Oct. 7 meeting, the news wasn’t just what happened but what didn’t. The commissioners chose to delay action on three major items: the long-overdue appointment of new members to the powerful county Planning Board, a controversial […]

Conservati­on now!

conserA recent report by the U.S. Forest Service titled National Forests on the Edge lists North Carolina’s national forests as the fourth most-threatened in the nation due to development pressure along their boundaries. In fact, of the 10 most-threatened national forests in the United States, six are in the East, and three of those are […]

Happy valley

Twenty minutes northwest of Asheville, Highway 63 winds up a series of switchbacks, surmounts a ridge and dips down the other side. Views open up as the Walnut and Newfound mountains loom blue in the distance. In season, the fields lining the roadside are thick with tomatoes, rank stands of burley tobacco, feed corn and […]

The Green Scene

I’ll drink to that Being an environmental crusader can be a depressing gig. Faced with a constant barrage of grim headlines about pending climate catastrophe, rapidly shrinking forests and toxic waterways, you couldn’t blame people working in the field for wanting to just forget about it all at the end of the day. Yet Asheville […]