*UPDATE* With recount complete, Davis edges out Gray by 35 votes in City Council race

UPDATE: A recount of the votes completed and certified by the Buncombe County Board of Elections this afternoon, Nov. 18, didn’t significantly change the results of the election. Incumbent Jan Davis retained his third place finish – and his seat on Asheville City Council – by a total of 35 votes over challenger Lael Gray.

Election Day: Hunt, Pelly win Council seats; Davis, Gray likely headed for recount; sales tax passes

With all city precincts reporting, Marc Hunt and Chris Pelly have won seats on Asheville City Council. Incumbent Jan Davis has come in a mere 40 votes ahead of Lael Gray, meaning the race is likely headed for a recount. With all precincts reporting, the A-B Tech sales tax referendum has passed. (Photos by Bill Rhodes)

Gray is a leader and a listener

I am writing to support the candidacy of Lael Gray for City Council. I have known Lael as we were both serving on the Board of Building Bridges. I have seen her creativity, energy and commitment to making Asheville a more welcoming and pleasant town. She has shown her ability to collaborate with others in […]

I’m going Gray

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to vote for a candidate as refreshing and inspiring as Lael Gray. This July, I kept waiting for a candidate I could wholeheartedly support to come along. While I have closely monitored local political races for years, Lael is the only Asheville City Council candidate who has […]

Lael Gray is the best

I am Lael Gray's 10-year-old daughter and she is running for City Council. She is an advocate for the environment, she wants less cars on the road so there will be less pollution in the air, leaving crisp, healthy Asheville air. She believes in equality for women, African-Americans and the LGBT community. She participates in […]

With Lael Gray, I get what I want

I want everything! I deserve everything I want! And I want a candidate who can give me that. With Lael Gray on City Council, I get that. With Lael, I get someone who has held high positions in corporate America, someone who has been a small-business owner and someone who has worked in nonprofit management. […]

Marc Hunt

Marc Hunt Slogan: “Together we can be our best.” Profession: Land-conservation officer, Open Space Institute Lives in: North Asheville Funds: $22,946 raised as of Sept. 26 Endorsements: Gordon Smith, Brownie Newman, Esther Manheimer, Cecil Bothwell, Sierra Club, PARC Website: www.huntforcouncil.com Twitter: @hunt_marc Candidate survey: http://avl.mx/6j Interview: http://avl.mx/6c The lowdown: Political newcomer Marc Hunt is off […]

A council of Mumpowers

I was thrilled to read that Carl Mumpower intends to endorse a liberal slate of candidates in the 2012 state and federal elections [“Mountain ‘X’ Should Change Its Name to Mountain ‘L,’” Oct. 12 Xpress]. Of course he's right. There are far too few liberals in almost every area of elected representation throughout the U.S., […]