Rash’s “The World Made Straight” becomes a very N.C.-centric film

Serena, which stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, was filmed in the Czech Republic. Similarly, Civil War drama Cold Mountain, from the book by local author Charles Frazier, was filmed mostly in Romania. The World Made Straight, however, was a North Carolina production through and through, down to — and because of — its directors.

Andy Garcia on the reopening of City Island and the state of independen­t film

Did anybody catch City Island during its earlier—and very brief—run locally? Xpress movie critic Justin Souther did, but he seems to be one of the few who did. So when it turned out that the film was being given a second chance at big-screen life in Asheville—starting this Friday at Carolina Asheville—Souther spoke with the film’s star, Andy Garcia, about this unusual turn of events, about the film itself and the state of independent movie production today.