The Ville Boyz Photo by Harold Galebach

LAAFF bands/sche­dule

Saturday BoBo Gallery Stage (at College Street) • BoBo DJs, 11 a.m.-noon • Natty Queen (poetry), noon-1 p.m. • Santos (acoustic soul) 1-2 p.m. • Brett Rock (DJ), 2-3 p.m. • Fresh Tricks (B-boys) with Brett Rock, 3-4 p.m. • Future Soul Project, 4-5:30 p.m. • Anthony Brown, 5:30-7 p.m. • DJ Silky & Z, 7-8 p.m. • Earthtone Soundsystem (DJ collective), 8-9 p.m. […]

The Secret B-Sides

Where to go after LAAFF?

Points for a clever name — LAAFFter parties (get it? LAAFF-ter?) take place Saturday night following the close of This Lexington Avenue Arts & Fun Festival's first day. Definition:Asheville — B-Boy Battle & Official LAAFFter Party is held at the Star Factory, 191 Lyman St., Suite 101, in the River Arts District on Saturday, Sept. […]

Working elm: A day harvesting slippery elm’s medicinal bark

One Sunday morning in mid-August, I left Asheville for the one-hour drive to my friend Doug Elliott’s wooded homestead in Union Mills, N.C. During my last visit, around the exact same time of year, he showed me how to harvest and prepare elderberry for tincturing. I didn’t know what lay in store this time, other than he said we would be “working elm,” but I knew it would involve swatting mosquitoes and flies, dodging briars, poison ivy and random angry yellow jackets. Why drive 50 mountain miles to play victim to nature’s sadistic instruments? Doug is one of America’s preeminent herbalists, natural history authors, and folklore storytellers. As an elder living in organic union with the land He is celebrated among new age wild crafters, ethnobotanists, and urban foragers.