Goats, trails and literary history abound at Carl Sandburg’s home

When he and his wife Lilian bought the 248-acre “Connemara” property just outside of Flat Rock from the Smyth family of Charleston, S.C., that year, Sandburg was already a celebrated poet and author, winning three Pulitzer Prizes for his work. He lived there for the next 22 years, until his death in 1967. Today, the home and the grounds are preserved as a National Historic Site and are open to the public.

From Clingman’s Dome to the Outer Banks: Thru-hiker forages the Mountains-to-Sea Trail

Less than two weeks ago, long-distance hiker and Appalachian Trail veteran Heather Housekeeper, 28, began walking. Twelve days later, on May 28,  she made some time to share her goals with this reporter, just before reaching camp, off Ox Creek Road near Asheville. Outside of the occasional friend tagging along for a few miles here and there, she’s doing it all alone, and not counting the random “trail magic” (assistance like snacks, shoes, a bed, etc.) that strangers have given her along the way, she’s doing the trip totally unsupported.

Meat-boarding? One of the courses at the Full Moon Market Dinner included local Three Graces Dairy cheeses, plus Hardcastle charcuterie, grilled ciabatta and local raw butter. photos by Jonathan Welch

Supper at the market, under the full moon

Incredible food on an inhospitable night. There's something inherently comforting, warm and joyful about passing platters of food around tables set up in the middle of a farmers market. It certainly doesn’t hurt matters when said food is cooked by The Admiral's Drew Maykuth, just over yonder working elbow-to-elbow with Suzy Phillips in Spartacus, Phillips’ souped-up food truck and home of GCQ Lebanese Street Food.

Weekly Picks: June 1-7, 2011

Align your body and mind with ChiRunning and ChiWalking at Carrier Park, 220 Amboy Road in Asheville. Held on Wednesday, June 1 at 5:30 p.m. Info: nicole@chiliving.com or 252-9828. If you’ve always wondered how to make jam, put on your apron and try “Let's Start with Jams” at the Buncombe County Cooperative Extension, 94 Coxe […]

The Stoney Knob in Woodfin offers pan-European food in an eclectically decorated setting

Getaway (without going away)

Sometimes Asheville can feel too crowded. When tourist season’s in full swing and the streets are choked with cars, trucks and buses, a place like Hot Springs can be just the ticket. Conversely, sometimes Asheville feels too small — especially when you’re trying to buy something embarrassing at the grocery store. When you want to […]

One foot in front of the other: 1,000 indelible hikes

A door opened that midwinter day, and we stepped through it into a new life full of wonders I never thought I'd see. I've gazed upon the immense tumble of Whitewater Falls, cascading 400 feet down a mountainside in Nantahala National Forest; stumbled upon pink lady’s slippers scattered like fairy lanterns along the trails around Carl Sandburg's mountain home …

Outdoors: The view from above

“Slipped the surly bonds of earth … and touched the face of God.” Have basket, will travel: Each balloon ride begins with a series of steps, from safety lessons to filling the 180,000-cubic-foot “envelope.” Photos by Jerry Nelson These words from an old poem — made famous by President Ronald Reagan during a eulogy for […]