Guest Blog: Holiday-fat-fighting, high-intensity interval workout

“If you’re one of the many Ashevillains who found yourself hovering around the family dessert table while at the same time telling yourself that this would be your last bite of aunt Judy’s double- fudge-chocolate-butter-blob-with-toffee-coffee-bits brownies, only to find yourself in the dreaded carb comatose later that night, read on. I’ve been engaged in workout regimens for nearly half my life. Like you, however, I’m just a normal guy looking for the most effective way to get in shape, period.”

The Asheville Argus: Birds, Part I

I park my car in front of the Masonic Temple, and between there and the bistro I encounter two young boys doing their best to kick pigeons on the sidewalk, a half-dozen street performers, and a man screaming violently at passersby. In spite of all of this, it’s the enormous falcon that draws a crowd.

Opinion: Campaign over marriage amendment will change North Carolina

There’s been some talk in light of the General Assembly’s decision this week to approve the so-called “marriage amendment” that “not much will really change.” According to this line of thinking — promoted mostly by amendment supporters — all their decision to send the amendment to the May ballot does is to preserve the status quo. “So, we’ll have a vote next year on something that’s already barred by law,” say the supporters. “What’s the big deal?”

Whether it’s sincere or knowingly deceptive, this is ridiculous, head-in-the-sand talk. …