Remember when …

It's hard to comprehend what being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease would be like at any age, but Asheville-area resident Karen Zimmerman got the word when she was 51. The director of conference services for Hyatt Hotels in Washington, D.C., she was, in many ways, at the peak of her career, organizing major events for such […]

Local Matters: The business of being a doctor, County Commission updates and UNCA environmentalism-attachment0

Local Matters: The business of being a doctor, County Commission updates and UNCA environmen­talism

In this edition of Local Matters—the Xpress weekly news podcast—news intern Caitlin Byrd talks about her story on the business of being a doctor, reporter Jake Frankel gives details on the most-recent Buncombe County Commission meeting, and environmental reporter Susan Andrew talks about the ongoing efforts of a UNCA student environmental group.

Federal grant allows for local Nurse-Family Partnershi­p program expansion

A portion of a $1.6 million grant will help Buncombe County’s Department of Health help more first-time, low-income mothers than ever before in its Nurse-Family Partnership program. “Babies don’t come with manuals,” says Jennings Garry, Buncombe County NFP nurse supervisor. “When you’re a new mother with limited resources, it’s difficult to know all the things required to be a successful parent. By growing our team of registered nurses, we can empower more families to make a healthy start.”

“Wellness Review” not worth its salt

Wade Inganamort’s reference to the story "Lower Salt Intake May Cause (Not Prevent) Heart Disease" leaves me wondering what can possibly be next [“Wellness Roundup,” June 15 Xpress]. Maybe "a recent study has shown that oatmeal may be a silent killer?” Inganamort surely needs some backup to support his blockbuster claim. — Ralph Dimenna […]