TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION: "Malverse is an urban legend/ghost story, and there’s a fair amount of twisted humor in it," says playwright John Crutchfield. "But, basically, it’s a straight-up social drama dealing with the theme of race relations in the context of urban gentrification." Pictured, clockwise from top, are Darren Marshall, Andrew Gall, Laura Tratnik, Valeria Watson and Gary Gaines.

Theater review: ‘Malverse’ explores race relations at The Magnetic Theatre

The show, onstage at The Magnetic Theatre through Saturday, June 3, deals with a white couple who’ve settled in a predominantly black neighborhood in hopes that, as the area gentrifies, their investment will pay off handsomely. But in this play, systemic racism plays out not through dreams deferred as much as through nightmares, real and imagined.

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Review of Solstice

Solstice is funny. It is tragic without somberness, moving without sentimentality. It’s squalid, but without a trace of self-pity. … It allows its characters to be fatally screwed up and sublime at once, and the list of playwrights who can do that is short indeed.