Off the beaten Moogfest path

There’s a lot happening this weekend (“weekend” being loosely defined here as the stretch of days between Thursday and Sunday). Much of it is Moogfest-related, but there are also plenty of peripheral activities that are free/cheap and/or off the beaten Moogfest path for festival attendees and festival shunners alike. Day parties (Decent Lovers, pictured, play Apothecary), a Bob Moog-inspired outdoor installation, two athletic events and even an afterparty are on the list. We’ll add more events as we know about them, so check back!

Hip-hop hypocrisy

I was just reading the Dec. 28 "A-List” issue of Xpress and was reminded of the huge Bele Chere hip-hop controversy this summer. It brought up a few things that had apparently been swimming just below the surface of my awareness for a while. I remember Moog's Emmy Parker making a big, big deal about […]