Stephanie Pace Brown at podium

BCTDA shares tourism growth plans at annual meeting

Roughly 1,600 new hotel rooms have opened in Buncombe County since late 2015 — an increase of approximately 15 percent over that period — with 1,900 still planned. “Since the start of this construction cycle, we’ve been able to fully absorb a pretty enormous supply,” said Explore Asheville President and CEO Stephanie Pace Brown. “We just need to do that over again in the next three or four years.”

Science fiction or a real possibilit­y? WNC featured in Nat’l Geographic­’s “Electroni­c Armageddon­”

A Tuesday, June 22, television premier on the National Geographic Explorer channel features scenes from Black Mountain and WNC: Electronic Armageddon. In this shot, Black Mountain’s Cherry Street shows what might happen to newer-model cars if a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse were used in an attack on the U.S.

Xpress readers might recall a July 8, 2009, interview and profile with local author Bill Forstchen (”Apocalypse WNC,” by Jon Elliston). The Montreat College history professor penned One Second After which imagines what would happen in a HEMP attack.  The National Geographic’s take on the possibility airs tonight at 6 p.m. Here’s the introduction to the show: