Trouble with a capital Tillis

Friends and neighbors, there is trouble in Raleigh. I mean real trouble in Raleigh at the General Assembly. The trouble starts with a capital "T" that stands for Thom Tillis. Having never met Mr. Tillis until he came to McDowell Community College on Friday, I had expected more of a quality leader than [the one […]

Protecting N.C.’s Air Toxics Program

Do you enjoy our beautiful mountains, clean air and water and wonderful wild places? Me too, so I was shocked to find out that some of our legislators want to severely weaken or totally dismantle North Carolina's Air Toxics Program. The General Assembly claims that environmental protections and safeguards cost jobs and hurt businesses, but […]

Let’s see some receipts, Raleigh

State Republicans claim to be saving the state money, but it just isn't adding up. As part of the new state budget, Republicans cut expenditures of the Capitol Police force in half, from 4 million to 2 million. Now 40 of 89 officers are on the unemployment line. Seven of 14 patrol cars sit idle. […]

Kudos to Nelda Holder on home rule

Kudos to Nelda Holder for her column on home rule, pointing out how the N.C. Democratic Party is merely getting a taste of its own medicine [“You Say Po-tay-to,” June 22 Xpress]. Her departure from Mountain Xpress editorial power has been a huge loss. Home rule is a big part of the reason I left […]

State of emergency

Asheville wants to end homelessness, right? That’s a noble cause, and I support the good intentions behind this effort. But if Asheville is ever going to achieve this lofty goal, we need to be honest about a few things first. 1) There’s a segment of Asheville’s homeless population that chooses it as a “lifestyle.” Take […]