Advocates for redistrict­ing reform tout new study; poll shows overwhelmi­ng support

Ahead of the last election, Buncombe County was split between two congressional districts, and lines were redrawn in ways that helped Republicans get elected to the N.C. Statehouse and Buncombe County Board of Commissioners. Now, a new study shows how gerrymandering distorts elections in North Carolina, while a new poll finds overwhelming public support for changing the redistricting process.

Back to the future in North Carolina

Democrats controlled the N.C. Legislature for 140 years. Less than two years after Republicans took control of the North Carolina General Assembly, they skillfully managed to get a constitutional amendment passed, voiding all civil unions as well as guaranteeing [that] gay men and women in North Carolina have no equal protection under the law and […]

North Carolina earns a C- on corruption risk report card

According to a study released by the Center for Public Integrity and Global Integrity, North Carolina gets a C- on its corruption risk report card and failed in three areas: public access to information, state budgeting processes and redistricting. The report cards are a part of the State Integrity Investigation project. (Image courtesy of the State Integrity Investigation project)

My kind of representa­tive

Rep. Patrick McHenry made his first “public” appearance in Asheville with a talk before the Council of Independent Business Owners [“The Beat,” Nov. 16 Xpress]. McHenry is following the sinister Republican game plan: stay away from announced, truly open-to-the-public events, where he would face the anger and criticism that he deserves. The GOP’s unapologetic, pro-wealth, […]

NRCC targets Rep. Heath Shuler, charging Democrat “negligence” in failed deficit reduction deal-attachment0

NRCC targets Rep. Heath Shuler, charging Democrat “negligenc­e” in failed deficit reduction deal

An email sent out by the National Republican Congressional Committee targets 11th District Rep. Heath Shuler, blaming the Haywood County Democrat for what seems to be the impending failure of the bipartisian “Super Committee” to endorse a plan to cut the deficit. Although Shuler wasn’t on the committee, the national effort could be the opening salvo in its effort to soften his support and unseat him next year.

Patsy Keever: I’ll run for Congress in the 10th District if redistricting maps hold-attachment0

Patsy Keever: I’ll run for Congress in the 10th District if redistrict­ing maps hold

Statehouse Rep. Patsy Keever confirmed today, Nov. 18, via a message on her Facebook page, that she’s planning to run for Congress in the 10th District if the redistricting maps proposed by the General Assembly become law ahead of the February 2012 filing deadline. If so, she would face Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy in the Democratic primary.

North Carolina Democratic legislator­s release proposed redistrict­ing maps

Dubbing the maps a “fair and legal” alternative to those proposed by the ruling Republican Party, Democrats in the General Assembly have released their own proposals for redrawing congressional and state senate districts. The plan would keep Asheville in the 11th congressional district, instead of dividing it with the 10th.

Video: Take a tour of Asheville’s newly proposed Congressional Districts-attachment0

Video: Take a tour of Asheville’­s newly proposed Congressio­nal Districts

Take a tour of the controversial proposed dividing line between North Carolina’s 10th and 11th Congressional Districts with Xpress reporters Jake Frankel and David Forbes. The proposed line would divide Asheville, placing most of the city in the 10th District (currently represented by Republican Patrick McHenry of Hickory), while leaving some portions in Democrat Heath Shuler’s 11th District.