Sound Check: Daryl Hance

North Florida-based guitarist Daryl Hance (formerly of JJ Grey & Mofro) has a sound oft-compared to the watery lowlands of his home state. “Daryl Hance’s music is appropriately swampy. The sweltering jams are thick with humidity,” said Free Times in Columbia, SC. Hance recently teamed up with Asheville band Turchi for the Kudzu Swamp Spectacular, […]

Sound Check: D. Striker

Longtime Nashville resident (by way of Athens, Ga.) D. Striker mixes a serious love of country music with a knack for satire. He publishes RR, a zine that “tackles Nashville’s past and present while throwing up a salute to revelry and crazy people,” every Friday the 13th. And his new album, Come Over Here, deals […]

Sound Check: Bombadil

Back in 2009, just before Durham-based folk-pop outfit Bombadil released Tarpits and Canyonlands, bassist Daniel Michalak was diagnosed with neural tension. The tour was canceled and the album kind of fizzled. Happily, after years of treatment, Michalak and his bandmates were able to go on the road again in 2012. This June, Ramseur Records will […]

Sound Check: Balsa Gliders

Last week, Charlotte/Raleigh/Philadelphia-based Balsa Gliders blew through town for an all-too-brief visit. Before the band’s energetic set at The Odditorium, they talked about keeping the creative impetus going and remaining current in the regional music scene. Click through for the video interview and exclusive performance. Photo by The Balsa Gliders on Instagram.