Asheville Archives: The literal and fictional death of a milliner, 1884

Despite her failing health, Cynthia Hill Wolfe owned and operated the Millinery and Notion Store during the final years of her life in Asheville. Though her death in 1884 did not inspire an outpouring of grief by members of her community, aspects of her life and personality were revived by Thomas Wolfe in his 1929 novel, Look Homeward, Angel.

Letter: Asheville should address redlining’­s tragedies

“We cannot in good faith be praised for tourism, gentrification or other tributes to the mostly white recipients of American hospitality and opportunity without showing up in other ways to expunge, however minimally it is possible for a small city to do so, the mistakes — the tragedies — that our deliberate or ignorant behavior as a society keeps compounding year after year after year.”