Silenced by local government

a href=”“If our government is of the people, for the people and by the people, then why is our government taking from the people? Why is our government constantly trying to stop the people from gathering and sharing information? What does our government wish to cover up? Why was the information that exposed the corruption […]

City, county call for public access proposals

Tonight, Asheville City Council will consider issuing a call for proposals, partnering with Buncombe County, for an outside group to provide “community media development” following the collapse of the WNC Community Media Center. However, the proposal does not specify that a public access television channel to replace the defunct URTV must be part of the deal, and the funding the governments would provide expires after three years.

City committee decides not to renew URTV contract, will look for new public access provider

On recommendations from staff, Asheville City Council’s Finance Committee decided earlier today not to renew its contract with URTV, and to put out a request for another entity to take over its public access role.

Administrative Services Director Lauren Bradley presents city staff’s recommendations on URTV. Photo by Jerry Nelson.

City: URTV will go dark in 1-2 weeks as equipment removed

The city of Asheville begins an inventory today of equipment at the public access channel URTV, currently in the midst of a dispute with Buncombe County over funds, and Lauren Bradley, the city’s administrative services director, tells Xpress that the channel will go dark in one to two weeks as equipment is removed. She adds that staff are not recommending a renewal of the center’s contract with the city.

Local Matters: URTV gets legal, airport concerns and Bothwell’s bid

In this edition of Local Matters, Xpress News Editor Margaret Williams talks to reporter Jake Frankel about URTV’s possible legal filing against Buncombe County, and to reporter David Forbes about a controversial state move to takeover control of the Asheville Regional Airport, updates from City Council and the recent announcement of a congressional bid by Council member Cecil Bothwell.