Fight for freedom without and within

When I first read the letter “Channeling Your Inner Revolutionary” [Feb. 9 Xpress], I wondered if Norman Plombe has external rules in his home, his house, or with his children. I suspect there must be some. Most rules are made to help life run more smoothly. Structures in their best design are aimed at increasing […]

Edgy Mama: Why choosing not to vaccinate your child is a bad idea

I’ve written about both sides of the childhood vaccination debate as objectively as possible over the years. I’ve chosen to vaccinate my kids, but until recently, I could, at least emotionally, understand why some of my friends and acquaintances choose otherwise. However, after researching the safety and efficacy of childhood vaccinations, talking extensively to doctors about the issue and learning about the recent outbreaks of deadly, but vaccine-preventable diseases like pertussis, I’ve realized I’m no longer objective.