New busker regulation­s up for Council’s considerat­ion at Oct. 25 meeting

On Tuesday, Oct. 25, Asheville City Council will consider new rules that would limit acoustic performances in two of the city’s most popular busking areas, the sidewalk on Haywood Street in front of Woolworth Walk and the Flat Iron at Battery Park Avenue and Wall Street. Also: a grant to support affordable housing development on Simpson Street and a change to the city’s signage ordinance.

Dear Occupy Asheville

Dear Occupy Asheville: Here’s a list of ten things you can do that will make more of a difference and be less annoying: 1. Educate yourselves: Read three books on the economic collapse. The Big Short, The Greatest Trade Ever, When Genius Failed and A Colossal Failure of Common Sense are good ones. All of […]

Rhapsody in midnight MacLeod

I sometimes pen pages while my baby sleeps, but during my entire pregnancy I did not write at all, save for one short poem. It was October, and I was working as a hostess at The Market Place almost every night. It was grueling in the belly of the kitchen. The pace was hectic; we […]