She’s the boss: Female business leaders provide examples for the future

As more women work toward leadership roles in the local workforce, female business leaders and local organizations are working to provide the encouragement and resources necessary to help them attain equity and advancement in the workplace. Sharing their wealth of experiences, these community leaders are hoping they can lay the groundwork for the next generation of successful women professionals.

Motherhood and livelihood­: Asheville women juggle multiple roles

Women-owned businesses are on the rise, both nationally and in North Carolina. Locally, women owned 29.3 percent of Asheville’s 12,773 businesses, putting the city above both national and state averages (28.8 percent and 28.2 percent, respectively). Xpress profiles four local women who’ve brought the mother-child dynamic into their self-run enterprises.

A question of balance

When I was pregnant with my son, Ryan, people frequently asked: Are you going to keep working or stay home with the baby? Those well-meaning inquisitors had bought into the “either/or” myth of modern motherhood: You either work full time outside the home and use day care, or you take care of the kids while […]

Keeping it personal

When Sheila Jamison began her career as a financial adviser, her male colleagues were the ones who were nervous. “The first time I wore a business suit, they asked me if I had on boxer shorts underneath,” Jamison joked. “So to give you an idea, I don't know if I was intimidated or if they […]

Local Matters: County Commission­, CTS, Women In Business and more food trucks

In this edition of the Mountain Xpress’ local news podcast: Jake Frankel on the most recent Buncombe County Commission meeting; Susan Andrew with the latest on the CTS cleanup; Tracy Rose on the Women In Business supplement and David Forbes on the Asheville City Council meeting about downtown food trucks.