Green developmen­ts: How Asheville’s public housing communitie­s are leading the eco-scene

From the Get It! Guide: Green jobs, lush community gardens, community cookouts and water quality testing — these might not be things many in Asheville picture when they think of public housing. But residents says Asheville’s public housing neighborhoods are investing in their communities’ welfare and leading a growing interest in “greening” up the neighborhoods.

Student documentar­y invites the public into public housing

Working in collaboration with Housing Authority residents and the Women’s Wellbeing and Development Foundation, a group of Mars Hill University undergraduate social work students will spend a semester interviewing and filming public housing tenants before assembling their footage into a short film. The idea is to increase a sense of connection in a city where public housing communities are physically and socially isolated.


Celebrate what you’ve got and who you are. That idea frames Hillcrest residents’ Saturday, June 18, celebration of “Juneteenth” — a national event that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. First held in Texas in June 1865 as “African American Emancipation Day,” the celebration has come to emphasize education and achievement. So […]