Tantra Vinyasa yoga classes offered at Asheville Yoga Center donation studio

Local yoga teacher Jackie Dobrinska, who has, for the past five years, taught privately or in colleges, hospitals, teacher training programs, will now teach a public class. She writes in an email, “I hope you will join me at Asheville Yoga Center donation studio on Fridays 1:30-3:00pm for TANTRA VINYASA. (And yes…we’ll be keeping our […]

Get ready for the Global Transforma­tion: Bill McKibben to provide event keynote Oct. 15 **UPDATED*­*

If recent environmental news has gotten you down — if you can’t believe the Obama Administration backed away from the chance to establish stronger smog regulations, or if you watch with a sense of helplessness as the N.C. legislature moves to weaken the permitting process for polluting industries — here comes an event that might help you recover your inner enviro-warrior. Bill McKibben will deliver a keynote address via Skype at the Global Transformation Festival in Gerton, Saturday, Oct. 15.

Om is where the heart is

Asheville is gaining recognition as one of the hippest yoga towns in the country. Locals see the threads woven throughout their day — from the ubiquitous Om-symbol bumper stickers to the checkout clerk who greets you with “Namaste” to your co-worker’s reminder to “take a deep breath” when you’re feeling stressed. This is not surprising, […]

Tea for health

In Asheville, it’s easy to find good health in a cup of tea, whichever variety you crave. But which tea to choose? “We first ask a customer if they prefer something grassy, sweet, floral, bitter, oceanic, salty, bold or fruity,” says Andrew Snavely, owner of Dobra Tearoom, downtown Asheville’s newest teahouse. In other words, savoring […]

The gift of serenity

Thanksgiving is here, which means the beginning of the holiday season for most residents. Regardless of faith, this time offers the opportunity to connect with family, friends and perhaps something greater. It can also bring an unwanted guest — stress. If the cooking, shopping, traveling, spending, volunteering, partying and attending “family obligations” triggers the experience […]

WNC Wellness review: flu remedies from many modalities­; federal dollars for local medical-herb study

In this week’s WNC Wellness review: advice for the flu season; Buncombe County government restructures its health & dental services; Buncombe County Medical Society hosted a candidates forum; Asheville-based institute receives funding to study acupuncturists’ herbs; two of Asheville’s oldest allergy & asthma practices join forces; and more.

Wellness: Fly through the flu season

Fall has arrived, with its (mostly) cooler temperatures, and that means the start of a new season. No, not leaf-peeping season. Cold-and-flu season. Local health practitioners are beginning to see residents suffering from more cold and flu symptoms, and the Buncombe County Health Department — along with other area health services — has started administering […]

Moving for the fun of it

Exercise can be fun. In fact, some folks argue that it’s better for you if is fun. “Many people workout because the feel they have to,” says Corey Sinyai, a professional fitness trainer and Pilates instructor at Happy Body, a new studio in south Asheville. “It becomes a whip, rather than a self nurturing activity. […]

A matter of health

Back in February, Xpress launched an online “Wellness” column, inviting readers to participate in an ongoing dialogue that asks, What is wellness? Wade Inganamort has led the way in this Web feature: His weekly blogs and quick-hit reports on Twitter round up the wellness news in WNC (on Twiter, follow @MXWellness). This week, we’re launching […]

A sense of community

Sure, this year’s Mountain Sports Festival serves up a full range of exciting outdoor challenges and events — but dig a little deeper. Look for the sense of community that binds it all together. The festival’s downtown headquarters, for example, features both a Community Action Village and a Health Services Village — each offering information, […]