The director-free director’s cut: Wait Wait host Peter Sagal says the live show allows for tangents, risks and jokes than could never go out over the radio waves. Photo by Ryan Muir for NPR

Smarting off

“As opposed to somebody who knows a lot about one thing, I know a little about a lot of things,” says National Public Radio personality Peter Sagal. That doesn’t qualify him to do anything he says, “except for hosting shows in which I talk about a lot of things.” Luckily, after being tapped as a […]

Up in the air: Arts2People’s board decided to put LAAFF on hold this year because of outstanding debts and other issues. The festival will return next year, they say. Photo by Zen Sutherland


The news came on Wednesday evening: Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival will not happen in 2013. The statement from festival director Arieh Samson and the Arts2People board of directors said that they “will use the time between now and Labor Day weekend 2014 to put on LAAFF’s revival and resume celebrating the fascinating culture […]