Fight climate change, urges scientist and evangelist Katharine Hayhoe

Faith and science are not mutually exclusive, and this understanding can help address the climate challenges we face today, Katharine Hayhoe told hundreds who gathered at the First Baptist Church on Oak Street in downtown Asheville Tuesday, April 5, to hear the acclaimed climate scientist present a talk titled “Science, Faith and Our Changing Climate.” […]

Financing the future: Self-Help Credit Union lauded for $76 million in solar loans

Now that the cost of ‘going solar’ on a home is equivalent to buying a new car, the challenge is no longer technical but affordable financing. America’s ubiquitous automobiles would not be us without financing. So why not finance solar in the same fashion? This question and others regarding investing in clean energy, from residential […]

Mother Earth News pioneers gather at Asheville fair

Some of Mother Earth News’ earliest “Mothers” — whose roots go back to the 1970s and 1980s — got together this past Sunday at the Mother Earth News Fair, which was held at the WNC Agricultural Center in Fletcher. Nearly two dozen former employees and families met for brunch and to share their recollections from the decades past. I was one of them.

WNC at the crossroads

For 10 years, I organized the annual Southern Energy & Environment Expo, educating thousands about sustainability while generating an economic impact estimated at more than $5 million. Recently, however, I decided to pull the plug on the event. The decision wasn’t easy, but I did it because I’m convinced that, like the nation as a […]

Running on empty

Having lived in Western North Carolina for more than 25 years, I’ve found that the people of our region have a good bit of common sense. Maybe it’s the mountain heritage of individual self-reliance. Maybe it’s the broad spectrum of talented folks who’ve moved here over the years. Or maybe we’re just lucky. Probably, it’s […]

S.E.E. the future of WNC

Western North Carolina is already widely known for its biodiversity, rich history and stunning natural beauty. We now have an exceptional opportunity to become a national showcase for renewable energy, environmental protection and sustainable economics. We have wind energy to generate clean electricity for the grid. We have sunshine to fuel solar energy systems for […]