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Administrative/ Office

Is your dream job to work in service of Earth, humanity, and our plant and animal relatives?
Regeneration, Equity and Justice is hiring an Agent for Change and a Community Program Assistant to join our team in Asheville, North Carolina. Team members live and work together in service to Earth, dedicated to being the change we wish to see in the world.

In 2022 we plan to:
-Kickstart 10,000 gardens for those who lack access to healthy food by sending them the Grow Your Own Food Seed Pack.
-Plant 1,000 Community Fruit Trees in public spaces for all to enjoy food growing freely and abundantly!
-Start 100 Community Compost Programs across the world!
Much of this is done by providing micro-grants and resources to spread these community led initiatives across the world.
-Produce 50+ videos featuring people changing the world for the better, to uplift their work and inspire people to join them!
-Produce tons of educational and inspirational content to help others live more sustainably, equitably and just!
-I personally will be planting food all over the country, performing high profile activism campaigns, public speaking, and bringing in media to spread the message of sustainable living and food sovereignty to millions!

To fill either of the two new positions. Applicants must:
-Be dedicated to a more equitable, just, and regenerative society.
-Be willing to do the hard work it takes to advance our mission.
-Desire to practice sustainable and simple living.
-Be flexible
-Open to having solution-oriented discussion.
-Work well with a team.
-Have critical thinking skills and the ability to work autonomously.
-Be responsible and...