Work and Play – Wellness issue part two

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  • Smart Bets: Koffin Kats

    -by Xpress Staff
    There’s a lot to admire about Detroit’s Koffin Kats. They started out playing for beer. Like true troubadours, they took their show on the road full time. They write songs…
  • For Pete’s sake

    -by Webmaster
    Guitarist Peter Walker appears in a vintage photo with radical lawyer William Kunstler on the cover of Has Anybody Seen Our Freedoms. The album was just released after 43 years…
  • Smart Bets: The Clean House

    -by Xpress Staff
    Dirty laundry is at the center of the Sarah Ruhl-penned comedy, The Clean House. The “comic and surreal theater piece blends fantasy and reality to integrate conflicts of gender, class…
  • Dark days, bright nights

    -by Webmaster
    Jerry Crouch’s introduction to both Asheville Community Theatre and its audience came when he emceed the 1987 performance of Cabaret. That edgy musical drama, set in 1930s-era Germany during the…
  • Smart Bets: Creepy cute

    -by Xpress Staff
    “There is a sort of visual excitement that happens when unlike things are pushed together,” says ZaPow gallery co-owner Lauren Patton. As Patton points out, the kids who grew up…
  • Because it’s funny

    -by Webmaster
    When Eugene Mirman takes the stage at The Grey Eagle on Thursday, Feb. 6, he should feel right at home. The comfortably worn and intimate rock club isn’t known for…
  • Smart Bets: Joshua Spiceland

    -by Xpress Staff
    To create the more than 60 painted, collaged and mixed media pieces that make up Joshua Spiceland's latest installation, The Time Machine, the innovative local artist “sifted through recent and…
  • Group dynamics

    -by Webmaster
    Tucked away on a scenic wooded crest adjacent to The Grove Park Inn, the Grovewood complex has “somehow remained a secret to most Asheville residents,” says bookmaker and sculptor Daniel…


  • Serving up comfort

    -by Webmaster
    “If you didn’t know it was tongue, you’d think it was delicious,” Asheville resident Chuck Fink says of his favorite Jewish winter comfort food. But does tongue really qualify as…
  • Reviving the herd

    -by Webmaster
    Imagine hiking along your favorite mountain trail and encountering a herd of bison. It could have happened 300 years ago when buffalo were indigenous to Western North Carolina. A sign…

    -by Webmaster
    More and more people are flocking to the Asheville area not only for the beautiful mountain views, but to experience the food culture we have created. Our restaurants offer something…
  • Hand in hand

    -by Gina Smith
    Earth is being moved at New Belgium Brewing’s Craven Street construction site as the Fort Collins, Colo.-based company prepares to finally begin construction on its Asheville facility. As progress is…
  • Letting the good times roll

    -by Webmaster
    Shake off that winter chill, folks: It’s Mardi Gras season, and Asheville Mardi Gras is here to warm things up with some bayou flavor. The all-volunteer group’s sixth annual Cajun…


  • Poultry for the people

    -by Webmaster
    Backyard chickeners take note: There’s a new club in town. The Asheville Chicken Club ‘Coq au Vin’ will combine practical, chicken-raising how-to with French cooking skills. The club will have…


  • Thinking big: Buncombe County plan points way toward sustainable future

    -by Jake Frankel
    “In North Carolina, sustainability plans are pretty rare,” reports Scott Mouw, recycling director at the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources. “Not many communities have taken on the task…
  • Mountains of home

    -by Haley Steinhardt
    The Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy works so we can play.
  • The right to pump

    -by Micah Wilkins
    About two or three times a day, many women take a break from their jobs to fulfill another duty — not as workers, but as mothers. But working moms who…
  • Searching for solutions

    -by Webmaster
    A mass of people — adults and children, black and white — came together Jan. 20 at the St. James A.M.E. Church on Hildebrand Street in Asheville for this year’s…
  • Co-working, co-luminating

    -by Ann Marie Molnar
    Walking into co-luminate — the small, downtown community space tucked away behind Laurey’s Catering and next to Go Yoga — is like entering a friend’s cozy living room, complete with…
  • What we do matters

    -by Webmaster
    Too many people are faced with difficult decisions every day — whether to pay for rent or food, for medicine or heat. Helping children and adults access services that support…
  • How healthy is your workplace?

    -by Webmaster
    The Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce and Mission Health are working together to find out what Buncombe County workplaces are doing to support employee health. They will be asking local…


  • Ha-ha health

    -by Ann Marie Molnar
    Therapist and laughter yoga instructor Lisa Harris shares how laughter can be the best medicine. Photo by Carrie Eidson
  • Transit

    -by Molton
  • Stream of Conscientousness

    -by Brent Brown
  • Asheville Disclaimer 2/05/14

    -by Webmaster
    WCU celebrates 125 years
  • These three things

    -by Gordon Smith
    I’m proud to be a part of a city where people care about each other. One recent study cited Asheville as one of the most generous cities in America, whose…
  • There is no ‘light’ development

    -by Webmaster
    Reading [“Colliding Visions” Jan. 22, Xpress] made my heart sick. I had heard that the Coggins Farm was in the process of being sold to a developer. What the article…
  • Thankful for Mountain Mobility

    -by Letters
    I am writing in regard to Ms. Bergen’s letter [“Mountain Mobility Can Do More,” Jan. 22 Xpress]. I have lived in Asheville for 12 years. Three years ago, I gave…
  • Fracking and electric vehicles in NC

    -by Letters
    Apparently, the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources wants to explore for natural gas in these mountains. Long and short — they want to frack here. There goes…
  • Cool Hand Duke: a failure to regulate

    -by Letters
    What is more fun that sitting inside your house when it is zero degrees outside? Sitting inside your house when it is zero degrees outside with no electricity. With alarming…
  • Snow safety

    -by Letters
    On a recent snow day in Asheville, I had the pleasure of taking a walk through my neighborhood and then through downtown. One neighbor was taking responsibility for the sidewalk…