Zombie Float

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Lori Deaton
"Return of the Zombies" -- As a recreational hub, the French Broad River has come back from the dead -- and legions of zombies are eager to prove it. Conceived as a creative celebration of the river's continuing revival, organizers of the first-ever "Tube-ocalypse" are aiming to break the world record for the most tubers floating together. And they're hoping to do it in style, encouraging participants to dress as the undead.


  • Art in Autumn: Crafts, commerce and community in Weaverville

    -by Steph Guinan
    The first brainstorming session for Weaverville’s Art in Autumn festival took place in December, 2006. “We were desperately seeking ways to bring more foot traffic to the downtown area of…
  • Smart bets: Heritage Weekend

    -by Kat McReynolds
    This September marks the 34th year for Heritage Weekend, a free festival that explores traditional Appalachian customs like beekeeping, coopering, heritage toy making, broom and furniture making, spinning and natural…
  • Smart bets: BookOpolis

    -by Alli Marshall
    If it sounds massive that’s because, when it comes to book arts, creativity incubator Asheville BookWorks is a really big deal. The West Asheville-based center hosts BookOpolis — three days…
  • Tube-ocalypse now: Asheville shoots for world tubing record with ‘zombie float’

    -by Jake Frankel
    As a recreational hub, the French Broad River has come back from the dead — and legions of zombies are eager to prove it. Conceived as a creative celebration of…
  • Smart bets: OK Go

    -by Kat McReynolds
    Sure, vocal tracks often have an intelligible rhythm, but frontman Damian Kulash nearly drives the drum set to obsolescence with his staccato vocals in OK Go‘s latest tune, “Turn Up…
  • Smart bets: A Tribe Called Red

    -by Kat McReynolds
    It’s tricky to find a clique of electronic musicians whose message resonates as much as the bass it’s dubbed over. A Tribe Called Red, composed of three like-minded Canadian DJs,…
  • Southeast B-Boy Championships return to Asheville

    -by Edwin Arnaudin
    Three of hip-hop culture’s four pillars — MCing, DJing and graffiti writing — are alive and well in Asheville. As for B-boying, while it has flourished in Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro…
  • Local documentary “Buskin’ Blues” premieres

    -by Xpress Contributor
    by Paul Clark The biggest challenge to making a movie about the busking scene in downtown Asheville, says Erin Derham, was knowing when to stop. New buskers cycled through town all…
  • Asheville Butoh Festival presents thought-provoking modern dance

    -by Kim Ruehl
    A woman stands in a ragged white kimono. Her dark hair is vehemently disheveled. Her mouth hangs open in her painted-white face. This is not your mama’s modern dance. It’s…
  • To All My Dear Friends funds new album through busking

    -by Alli Marshall
    If the band name To All My Dear Friends doesn’t ring familiar, the music will: It’s the indie-classical project of violinist Marc Hennessey, who performs on the streets of Asheville.…
  • Economic Impact Study: Moogfest generated $14 million

    -by Jake Frankel
    This year’s Moogfest generated $14 million for Buncombe County, according to an analysis by the Economic Development Coalition for Asheville-Buncombe County and the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce. The five-day April…



  • Conscious Party: Karaoke 4 a Cause

    -by Michael McDonald
    Ben’s Tune Up and Veterans Helping Veterans WNC have partnered to present “Karaoke 4 a Cause,” a singing competition featuring Rolling Stones’ songs. Competitors will be judged by a panel…
  • Musical mission: Exploring the art of sound healing

    -by Emily Nichols
    “Sound healing” — what exactly is it? If you have been in Asheville for longer than a week, you’ve probably heard of it or seen a flyer for musical healing…