APD employee calls Occupy Asheville protesters “dirtasses” on Facebook ***UPDATED 2:17 p.m.***

Correction: In the initial post, Fraser was identified as a forensics officer. She is a civilian forensic technician employed by the Asheville Police Department

In a Facebook post, Lynn Fraser a forensic technician with the Asheville Police Department, called Occupy Asheville protesters “dirtasses” after they complained about police officers recording a march yesterday. In comments on the post, Melissa Williams, the city’s public information and social media specialist, responds with “LMAO” or “Laughing My Ass Off.” In previous post, Fraser also designated Occupiers as a group that “just need a hug … around the neck… with a rope.”

“Glad to be off work and not dealing with dirtasses that want to preach their ‘Constitutional rights’ to me, then in the same breath tell me that videotaping them in a PUBLIC park (which none of them worked and contributed tax money to pay for) is an invasion of privacy,” Fraser writes in a status update today. “Hey dirtasses, you gave up expectation of privacy when you flopped all your stinky belongings out on the sidewalk beside the Federal building. And by the way, stop pooping in public. You’re just nasty.”

A screenshot of the public post:

In response to Fraser’s remarks, Williams replied ” ‘Dirtasses.’ LMAO,” later adding “I know you feel at the end of your rope, but it’s all going to be OK. Perspective, prayer…all that helps. Enjoy your day off and count your many blessings, Lynn!”

Fraser has since removed her wall posts. However, blogger Jason Bugg also uncovered the following post, from yesterday:

According to Xpress freelance photographer Bill Rhodes, who was on the scene, Fraser was present among APD officers filming a joint march by Occupy Asheville and Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference participants yesterday. In subsequent tweets, some Occupy Asheville participants condemned the filming as unnecessary and intimidating.

Police — and citizens — can legally film public activities, including protests and marches.

The APD has issued a statement on a series of arrests made over the weekend of protesters it claims violated the law during a Nov. 2 march. Occupy Asheville has condemned the arrests, and asserted that at least one of those arrested didn’t actually attend the march in question.


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40 thoughts on “APD employee calls Occupy Asheville protesters “dirtasses” on Facebook ***UPDATED 2:17 p.m.***

  1. Ascend (of Asheville)

    Hey officer, the protesters are on your side. Sorry if it makes your work harder. It’s not a picnic for anybody.
    Remember why you are there, you know, the “serve and protect” part?

  2. LOKEL

    You should also include that one can film the activities of the Police as well, and it is perfectly legal to do so in the United States of America.

  3. ironhead

    The officer is entitled to her opinion. The issue is what happens when the situation is reversed: When citizens take pictures of police officers, the police often don’t just grouse about it, they try to do something about it. Which for the most part, they cannot legally do.

    Photographer’s rights

  4. zensane

    Yes, Lynn, do count your blessing wherein you have likely forthwith not experienced the plight of the homeless in this town who do not happen to have adequate access to public facilities for urinating, defecating, showering and doing laundry. Such things are not circumstances created by the occupation, but rather circumstances the occupation is seeking to redress. With remarks such as these (in particular saying occupiers need hanging), though, you may well be on your way to experiencing the best way to learn a little empathy with those who aren’t as fortunate as you to be on the payroll of the people. Regardless of how you seem to think things work, Occupiers do pay the same taxes others do and they also happen to pay your salary. If the city has a shred of integrity then they will strongly consider dismissing you from our payroll. Additionally, yes you all do have the right to film occupiers, but let us keep it real about the fact that the police are most certainly doing it in such a way as to attempt to intimidate Occupiers. Moreover they are aribtrarily then using those photos to repeatedly, arbitrarily arrest occupiers and then levy more false charges on them. Dirty is as dirty does and Occupiers aren’t the ones flinging mud on themselves here.

    • Lucy13

      You can bet, there is nothing arbitrary about it.
      And instead of getting cited for piddly crap like blocking the sidewalk, which only bogs down the court system. Who, by the way would much rather be prosecuting real crimnals like the man from Pisgah View that murdered a 4 year old three weeks ago or a child pervert. Why don’t they do organized petitions? Contact our state represenatives to the point of nuisance? Make their “rallies” more organized, they just come off looking ridiculous at this point. No one pays much attention to the ridiculous, except the police who have to remind them not to block the sidewalk and not block the street and to stay off private proerpty.
      And I have been penniless more times than I care to remember, I never asked for anything from anyone because in this country, you are what you make of yourself. Not! what you expect to be given.

  5. mat catastrophe

    I love it when “social media specialists” forget that what they post online is visible to other people.

  6. Doug Sahm

    Would really like to know how much the city pays this “Social Media Specialist”, and whether the job entails more than just sitting on Facebook all day posting city events. This should be public info, right?

  7. Jake

    @ MX – you may want to black out the faces as well as the names of the unnamed facebook posts above.

    While you have identified two specific individuals, it would not be hard to identify the others based on Lynn Fraser’s friends list.

    • ewok

      I emailed each and everyone of them by going threw her friends list. I told them that I had forwarded all the info to the ACLU. I also told them good luck with that!

  8. D. Dial

    Welcome to the internets “ladies?,” where you can run, but you cannot hide.

  9. Ascend (of Asheville)

    I’m assuming I can apply for that open position soon? Sounds like good work if you can get it.

  10. zensane

    MX did not black those out. The orignal blogger did. But, why black them out if they participated in such a conversation? As has been said, live your life as if everything you do will be front page news And make sure you can stand behind such things as you say or do with a solid & sustainable sense of your own integrity and conviction in them. I think the public has a right to know how it’s city employees are influencing others, particularly when it’s reminiscent of rhetoric used to incite KKK lynch-mobs. As a forensics expert and social media expert these two should have known better as regards where these things should be seen, both as individuals and professionals PAID by the citzenry to exercise their knowledge of these things. Of course maybe they were expressing it and they wanted people to see it. People frequently hang themselves in these ways when part of them wants to put a stop to what they understand to be an erroneous pattern in their own behavior. In a manner, it’s rather like shooting yourself in the foot to stop yourself. That, and there’s frequently a sense, even with police and city officials that they too are too big to arrest or fire or be held accountable for their behavior.

  11. Lucy13

    The best thing about America is a person’s right to their opinion and the freedom to express it. You don’t have to like it, you can be offended by it; but in the end they have a right to voice it. Just like the Occupy Asheville people have a right to voice theirs.
    I have been downtown and some of those people do stink. My grandmother always said you can’t help being poor, but you can help being dirty. Find a public bathroom and make use of the soap and water. Asheville also has some great shelters with washrooms.
    And I dare anyone to dispute that taking a dump in public is just nasty. This group seems somewhat organized, you’d think they would have made arrangments so their participants could take care of bodily functions without creating a health hazzard.

    • JHG

      Lucy 13: I have not seen this human waste you attest to have witnessed. Presuming it exists, I am skeptical that it is the work of the occupiers: Asheville hosts an unfortunate quantity of homeless people who have no place to go or do their proverbial business.

      And by the way, the word “hazard” is spelled with only one Z.

  12. Lucy13

    Oh, and another thing. Occupy Asheville, if you want to make an impact go to Washington DC. Nobody gives a **** about whats happening politcially in Asheville, NC. DHUR!

    • ta33

      You’re wrong. Many people, including myself, care a great deal about what’s going on in Asheville. The unjust policies that are enacted by a corrupt national government obviously trickle down and affect individuals everywhere, including Asheville. When Wall Street bankers gamble away taxpayer money on risky sub-prime mortgage bets and then come looking to the taxpayers to bail them out, that has tangible and devastating effects on people here in Asheville. It’s time to wake up to the true nature of a system that relies on taxing the productive class, the 99%, in order to subsidize the wealth of those who control the system. The Occupy Asheville movement is a reflection of those injustices, and not everyone wants to close their eyes to them.

  13. Susan

    Lucy 13: “And I dare anyone to dispute that taking a dump in public is just nasty. This group seems somewhat organized, you’d think they would have made arrangments so their participants could take care of bodily functions without creating a health hazzard.”

    I believe it is the homeless that are taking a dump, which would not happen if the city provided restrooms or portajohns or housing for them.

  14. Matthew Burd

    So Bill,
    As I was saying, the KKK and folks like em already set the precedent for free speech in this country. Hate speech and all. Death threats are death threats though. It will be interesting to see if she has a job tomorrow.

  15. Lamont Cranston


    They speak for you, and me: You are part of the 99%, and if not, then you are fortunate to be living in this country that gave you every opportunity plus the advantages of the tax system that favored you and yours. It

  16. Eli Helbert

    We do not need to use our tax dollars to employ such intolerant people. I will not be unhappy to see them struggling to replace their jobs. If they don’t know how to communicate their narrow minded views with private messages, they probably are not very good at their jobs and should be replaced ASAP.

  17. Shannon

    You don’t seem to actually know what you’re talking about. Also, some of the things you have said make absolutely no sense whatsoever. You come across as an angry fool. If you’ve been penniless more times than you care to remember, what is your problem? If you don’t understand the point of the protests…JUST ASK.

    The most telling remark you made was this “The best thing about America is a person’s right to their opinion and the freedom to express it. You don’t have to like it, you can be offended by it; but in the end they have a right to voice it. Just like the Occupy Asheville people have a right to voice theirs.” it shows that you are clueless as to what an Officer’s job entails. They are not supposed to have bias. They are citizens that are given special power over other citizens, therefore, they have special rules.

    Free speech doesn’t cover wishing death upon others either, and that cop wished death on a HUGE group of people she is sworn to protect and serve…those people, by the way, are also the people who pay her salary. Protecting and serving the people means NOT making PUBLIC comments about them on your Facebook page. It is not only unprofessional in any occupation, but in hers specifically it shows a clear bias AGAINST a portion of the citizens that she is, in fact, SWORN TO PROTECT AND SERVE. She should lose her job for what she said because what she said PROVES that she cannot fulfill her duties as they are required.

    If she cannot perform her job, she should not have it. Publicly posting such things without any thought or consideration to who may see them is a PROBLEM in many professions and careers…which is why this is being taken so seriously (which you apparently didn’t know). You can feel what you want and think what you want…but if your job is to protect me and you tell me that you would rather see me dead, you’re not doing your job. It’s called a ‘conflict of interest’.

  18. Futilitarian

    I don’t like what Lynn or any of the others said. But, they surely have a right to express it. It’s a shame speaking without complete intention has become so commonplace. I don’t know that it amounts to a firing offense and I’d like that she could be spared that experience if possible. Is the 99% not striving for true freedom of speech and expression?

  19. Tanya

    This dirtass may be offended if that woman meant anything or held half of my own intelligence. But alas, she does not and therefore an insult from her is no insult at all.

  20. bobaloo

    “Jason Bugg also uncovered the following post, from yesterday”

    No, Jason Bugg uncovered the ENTIRE story 2 hours before this post and you credit him with one image. Is it standard policy to blatantly steal content from blogs without crediting the original source?

  21. Bill

    Regardless of whether she should have said it. She is spot-on with her comments. Nasty people everywhere. Be careful with whom you associate! Occupy groups all must claim all the violence as there own.

    • bill smith

      “Occupy groups all must claim all the violence as there own.”

      Then, so should the police. And society in general. As should you account for the contents of every other comment in this thread.

    • Barry Summers

      spot-on with her comments???

      A police staffer talking about murdering innocent civilians? That’s “spot-on” to you?

      You’re supporting a government employee who in her spare time speculates about using violence to silence dissent. Do you have the guts to do this under your real name… “Bill”?

  22. Kayvon Kazemini

    Lynn, I’m sorry we’ve caused you to display so much hatred. However, you have been profiling, as well as recording our demonstrations and GAs. I understand that you believe you are “doing your job”, but filming individuals, some of which have no criminal record, for some private occupy database is corrupt. I urge you to apoligize for your statements at a general assembly. As for your job, honor the oaths that you have taken. We all have a large capacity for forgiveness, and hope that something good can come out of this.

    • Barry Summers

      Say what you will about Jason Bugg…

      OK… I’ve never met him, but I imagine in my mind that he looks just like Brian Posehn.

  23. Jack

    I may be broke too, but I’d rather occupy my job than join these protesters. They give me heartburn everytime I see them whining in the papers

  24. glolady

    Since Lynn could not hug me with a rope around my neck…. http://www.mountainx.com/article/37223/APD-Chief-department-takes-employees-Facebook-comments-on-Occupy-Asheville-very-seriously

    She Lied To Me While Collecting Evidence For My Arrest… I WAS Targeted and Falsely Arrested!
    This is Lynn Fraser talking to me during the march on November 2, 2011. Hear my compliments to the Asheville police department for working with the people:


    This video is my actions at the march:

    This is a video of how I was arrested:

    This was another attempt by local Government to deny my Free Speech. Wasting tax payers money on trumped up charges Should Be A Crime!!!

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