WE DO supporters rally, couple arrested in civil disobedience act

Today, about 150 supporters of the WE DO campaign rallied in front of City Hall before marching down to the Buncombe County Register of Deeds, where 12 same-sex couples requested — and were denied — marriage licenses. In an act of civil disobedience, Kathryn Cartledge and her partner Elizabeth Eve, partners for 30 years, sat down and began reading rights given to heterosexual married couples until arrested and removed by Sheriff’s deputies. This post contains Twitter coverage from multiple sources from the rally and what followed.

Sanuk_D  • Lindsey Simmerly updating crowd for #wedo http://t.co/sRoHb0lg

gordondsmith  •  At #wedo 12 committed couples abt to have their relationships recognized in Interfaith ceremony.
edgymama  •  There’s a strong spirit blowing thru these mountains today. Joe Hoffman. 
gordondsmith  •  Rev Joe Hoffman leads off #wedo in our public square. lockerz.com/s/147068123

gordondsmith  •  Big crowd!  lockerz.com/s/147068860

edgymama  • We hear yr blessing. We receive your courage. We walk not alone.—chorus at #wedo . 
Brewgasm  • At least 25 clergy members on stage supporting .
edgymama  • I’m just gonna cry throughout this whole   event.
DavidForbes  • WE DO campaign supporters gathering in front of City Hall http://t.co/G6fjp6PJ
gordondsmith  • susanfisher2010 at   #wedo http://t.co/ElO5LW5m
Brewgasm  • http://t.co/zM9Xo77n Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, director of @cselive, speaks. 
DavidForbes  • Campaign for Southern Equality Director Jasmine Beach-Ferrara: These laws are illogical, immoral, must change
gordondsmith  • Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, “We will resist unjust laws all the way to the federal level”  http://t.co/S0Jy94mH
DavidForbes  • Beach-Ferrara: don’t want another generation to grow up thinking they’re second-class citizens   supporters applaud.
DavidForbes  • Beach-Ferrara: Campaign will spread to other states, but this will always be start of the story
DavidForbes  • Rev. Kathryn Cartledge, who, with her partner, first to go request marriage license, speaking now
DavidForbes  • Cartledge quoting Rosa Parks, want to know once and for all what rights, as a human being, I have
Brewgasm  • Rev. Kathryn Cartledge, who w her partner, were first couple to request marriage license in #wedo campaign, speaking. @cselive
DavidForbes  • Cartledge: Believe all people should have equal rights, protection under the law
DavidForbes  • Cartledge: “I’m tired of giving in! Are you?” Applause. 
gordondsmith  • Rev. Catherine Cartledge speaking now, “I will be 65 years old tomorrow”. She’ll be arrested today. 
DavidForbes  • Cartledge: Must understand right to marry in context of civil rights. 
DavidForbes  • Cartledge: 1848 when first seriously proposed women have the vote. Took until 1920 for them to get basic rights
DavidForbes  • Cartledge: When forbidding interracial marriage, judges and politicians then used familiar justifications
DavidForbes  • Cartledge: “They said it was unnatural, does that sound familiar?” 
edgymama  • Rev Cartledge comparing past illegality of interracial marriage to current situation.
DavidForbes  • Crowd chanting: “marriage equals full equality under the law!” 
MaryCaitlinByrd  • RT @DavidForbes: Crowd chanting: “marriage equals full equality under the law!” 
DavidForbes  • Cartledge: Church should not have a dog in this fight unless it is to back the lgbt community
DavidForbes  • Cartledge: Want you to salute clergy standing with me here today, who believe full equality is justice
Brewgasm  • Full equality for all is justice—Rev. Cartledge,partnered for 30 years. 
DavidForbes  • Cartledge: When attend rally, usually angry, because so many from lgbt community not here. But not angry. 
DavidForbes  • Cartledge: Disheartened, because the whole voting age population isn’t out here, because “we are all one.” 
edgymama  • This is a civil rights issue, says Cartledge. 
DavidForbes  • About 150 people here. Cartledge: There has been change, citing gains lgbt people have made
DavidForbes  • Cartledge: But at the end of the day, we are not equal citizens under the law
DavidForbes  • Cartledge: For many years, believed church and society that I was an abomination. Today know myself as loved and loving
edgymama  • Cartledge: no longer living life as a victim. 
edgymama  • http://t.co/UERTgU4j Crowd
DavidForbes  • Crowd chanting “it is time!” 
edgymama  • It is time say it w fire in yr belly and love in your heart—Cartledge.
DavidForbes  • Cartledge: “We are simply asking for equality” 
DavidForbes  • Crowd singing version of “this little light of mine” 
edgymama  • http://t.co/5UU2d4ML This little light if mine…
DavidForbes  • A number of clergy announcing they won’t personally recognize heterosexual marriages until they can do same for same-sex couples
DavidForbes  • Rev Mark Ward pointing to congregants in crowd: “We stand on the side of love” 
edgymama  • Register of deeds Drew Reisinger singing w crowd at #wedo event.
DavidForbes  • Pastor from Raleigh: Pullen Memorial Baptist voted to recognize same-sex couples in 1992, we stand with you in Asheville
DavidForbes  • Pastor: “Sometimes it is necessary to break a lesser law to uphold a greater moral law” 
DavidForbes  • Crowd saying beginning of Declaration of Independence: “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” 
edgymama  • http://t.co/5UU2d4ML
DavidForbes  •  crowd readying to march to register of deeds office
gordondsmith  •  Hundreds of marchers are heading to the Register of Deeds office.  http://t.co/c4XNAnSR

edgymama  • Processing to Register of Deeds.  http://t.co/MdbwhG0u
DavidForbes  •  procession beginning http://t.co/93MQTFdo

DavidForbes  • Deputies in front of Reg of Deeds, now directing, shaking hands with lead   organizers http://t.co/Zo6YnwLR
gordondsmith  • 3:03pm About to enter RoD.  http://t.co/1KKe8jMK
edgymama  • Journalists are not equal per @cselive. Got asked for press credentials, but AP didn’t get asked. 
DavidForbes  •  supporters forming line to have couples come in http://t.co/R7wj32lA

DavidForbes  • Register of Deeds @drewreisinger waiting for #wedo campaign behind
DavidForbes  • Reisinger to first couple: “With sincere regret… Until state law changes, cannot issue a marriage license” 
gordondsmith  • First couple denied a license, “We know you’re just doing your job, but we’ll be back when this law changes.” 
gordondsmith  • Clergy form an entryway.  http://t.co/dcMQw9By
DavidForbes  • Second couple: “we don’t want to be second class citizens” thanks Reisinger’s office for how it’s treated   protesters
DavidForbes  • Reisinger: “we support equality for all people” but office is bound by state law
Brewgasm  • http://t.co/5y7AoQfG As couples ask for marriage licenses. 
DavidForbes  • Couples lining up before Reisinger, requesting marriage licenses   http://t.co/RhB98mZ3

Brewgasm  • http://t.co/fds96Gd4 Waiting their turn.
DavidForbes  • Reisinger talking to another couple, Monroe and Lupe, thanking Lupe for 4 1/2 years service in Army, but can’t grant marriage license
edgymama  • BBC is here as well as Associated Press. 
DavidForbes  • Reisinger: “Thank you all for coming in and standing up for human rights.” 
edgymama  • http://t.co/iYtycesE Denied. 
DavidForbes  • Another couple, Amanda and Lorraine, talking about importance of relationship to Reisinger
gordondsmith  •  Couples lined up to request licenses.  #avlnews http://t.co/H4uyBVoQ

gordondsmith  • Couples all thanking @drewreisinger for being so supportive. 
gordondsmith  • Exactly zero protestors at any point in this event. 
gordondsmith  • Straight couple just came in to apply for a marriage license. Theirs will be granted. 
edgymama  • I’m sincerely sorry. I’d be honored to give you a marriage license one day, says Drew Reisinger. @cselive
DavidForbes  • JerriJameson and her partner Susan, requesting marriage license   http://t.co/pbc7u8Jr
tracyhyorth  • Only one couple trained to be arrested according to Southern Alliance equality organizer
edgymama  • Every couple wanting to marry has been photographed while asking. Very well documented. @cselive
gordondsmith  • 3:29pm Catherine Cartledge and Elizabeth Eve enter the office.  http://t.co/kDLg9iWT
DavidForbes  • Cartledge and partner Elizabeth Eve requesting license again
gordondsmith  • 3:32p Cartledge &Eve..reading..1200 rights afforded to married couples&denied to them   http://t.co/uXMvRj78
tracyhyorth  • 3:32p Avl #wedo peaceful rally. so many police here in case wacko protesters show up according to APD. No such showing. yet
DavidForbes  • Cartledge, Eve sitting down on floor of Register’s office, reading rights given to het couples   #avlnews http://t.co/QB8BvZ2a

Brewgasm  • http://t.co/JYFyZDZ9 Cartledge and partner reading rights of marriage on floor at Register of Deeds.  @cselive #avlnews
Buncombian  • I am really moved by the #wedo tweets. Thanks @gordonsmith @DavidForbes & others for letting us be a part of the event, even from our desks.
DavidForbes  • Supporters, deputy, media, Council member Gordon Smith observing #wedo sit-in http://t.co/bz7thtLa

DavidForbes  • Cartledge, a veteran, reading out marriage benefits for veterans as #wedo sit-in continues
edgymama  • Brought my 13 year old daughter to #wedo event. She doesn’t understand why same gender couples would be denied marriage.
edgymama  • Of course now we’re all just waiting for the cops to arrest these sweet grandmothers. @cselive
edgymama  • Moving event. Great job @cselive. Equality! Change!
Buncombian  • …friends’ parents couldn’t be legally married like their own parents were. 
gordondsmith  • 3:36pm Cartledge and Eve will not move. Continue reading rights denied to them.  http://t.co/cdWDwfLv
gordondsmith  • 3:45p 9 or more deputies present. Cartledge & Eve stretch their legs, continu reading   http://t.co/fpxcpQAY
Sanuk_D  • 3:45pm Sheriff has closed the RoD office. Not clear why they are delaying arrest
Sanuk_D  • 3:47pm Deputies surrounding couple. Person in room says “here we go” 
Brewgasm  • http://t.co/Ia1eSiDN refusing to leave until they’re served a marriage license. @cselive
Brewgasm  • http://t.co/ZjltWbfU
gordondsmith  • 3:50pm Cartledge and Eve being arrested.  #avlnews
Sanuk_D  • 3:51pm Arrest happenning NOW
JerriJameson  • 2 women being arrested for not leaving buncombe county register of deeds office after being denied marriage license. 
DavidForbes  • Cartledge, Eve’s arrest after refusing to move until getting a marriage license   http://t.co/bEWryYmW

DavidForbes  • Cartledge, Eve arrested after refusing to move. Crowd singing “we shall not be moved outside bldg

Sanuk_D  • 3:59pm gordondsmith at #wedo http://t.co/Qr7Z1KEW
gordondsmith  • 4:00p Crowd assembles waiting for Cartledge & Eve to be transported to Bunc Co Jail.  http://t.co/sRSfhMgT
edgymama  • Standing outside basement door of Register of Deeds waiting for arrestees. 
edgymama  • Couple will be charged w 2nd degree trespass. 
DavidForbes  • Crowd of about 70 people gathered outside Register’s building, singing
gordondsmith  • 4:04pm Couple being charged with 2nd degree Trespassing. Eve said, “We choose to stay here until we’re served.” 
DavidForbes  • Council candidates Marc Hunt, Lael Gray joining crowd
Sanuk_D:  • 4:11pm Kathryn and Elizabeth emerge!  http://t.co/2iaoQrSS

edgymama  • http://t.co/8Pzs6llo No handcuffs but lots of tears.
DavidForbes  • Eve, Cartledge emerging from bldg after arrest, greeting supporters   #avlnews http://t.co/vGlqqvzx

Ongoing coverage, via Twitter, below:


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9 thoughts on “WE DO supporters rally, couple arrested in civil disobedience act

  1. Christopher C NC

    This is an important story for the whole state and the tweeting makes it near impossible as well as painful to attempt to read. Please send it to a real writer and try again.

    • Jeff Fobes

      David Forbes was there covering the story, and will be providing a regular write-up. Twitter may be harder to read, but it’s fast.

    • Jeff Fobes

      David Forbes was there covering the story, and will be providing a regular write-up. Twitter may be harder to read, but it’s fast.

  2. tatuaje

    Jeff, I don’t think Christopher was criticizing Twitter and its merits, or lack thereof, per se, merely the Mountain X’s presentation of it on this page. The layout, colors, repetition, etc. make for a difficult news reading experience.

  3. Jeff Fobes

    To improve readability, I’ve removed repetitive tweets, added photos, removed extraneous hashtag material.

  4. J

    If Drew Reisinger really supported gay marriage, he’d have issued that license. What’s the worst that would happen? A lawsuit? Heaven forbid. He can’t be fired, the electorate is his boss. The lawsuit may even find that NC’s law is unconstitutional.

    Drew’s just playing a political game – he knows if he issues a marriage license to a gay couple he’ll suffer a backlash from county voters next year.

    Drew’s just a political coward.

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