Intrinsic evil

Just in time to meddle in our presidential election, Pope Benedict XVI has released his second encyclical titled “Spe Salvi” or “Saved by Hope.” In this document he attacks atheism, saying it has led to some of the “greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice” ever known. Wait a minute! What about the cruelty and injustice meted out by his church—the slaughter of tens of millions of victims via crusades, massacres, religious wars, the Inquisition and pogroms. And don’t forget the witch hunts in Europe and in America.

Following the Pope’s attack on atheism comes the church’s assault on our mothers, sisters, aunts, wives and daughters. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has issued a voter’s guide, “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship,” that says it is “intrinsically evil” to support legal abortion. The carefully chosen language would have you believe that this has been the church’s position for 2,000 years. History tells us otherwise.

Intrinsic evil is the Catholic church’s sexism against women. Catholic priests who sexually abuse children are intrinsically evil. Catholic authorities who routinely cover-up and deny systemic sexual abuse are intrinsically evil.

Isn’t it time to revoke this church’s tax exemption?

— Betty Garofano

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67 thoughts on “Intrinsic evil

  1. quotequeen

    It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.
    Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere’s Fan, 1892, Act I

  2. travelah

    Betty, while you might despise the Roman Catholic Church or all Christians for that matter, what you have stated is not a ground for denying 501(c)3 tax status. I might add that anybody who abuses children is wicked including atheist pedophiles. Anybody who covers such crimes up is complicit whether they are Roman Catholic or atheist.

  3. Johnny

    What is the Catholic Church’s stand on abortion to save the life of the mother or in cases of rape or incest? That is the real tell in how much they actually “care about life” vs. being stuck in their old patriarchal ways.

  4. travelah

    Johnny, the same type of question can be turned around and asked of the liberal: What is the liberal stand on ripping the head of a 7 month old baby still in the womb? How much do liberals value life either in the womb or on the euthenasia end?

  5. Johnny

    Euthanasia’s fine with me. Not a real topic I follow. As to abortion, it’s the woman’s choice within reason. Plain and simple. Having the government telling a free people how to handle unwanted pregnancies is nuts if you ask me. Also, I’m against the death penalty and against most wars. So, I pick and choose a little bit on the “life” front.

    But that is getting away from my question. My point about the caring for life and being consistent as a Christian. Care to have a crack at how the Catholic Church handles those examples I listed?

  6. nuvue

    I think (not being a catholic) that their stand on abortion in the case of rape or incest is the same….no abortions.

  7. the roo

    Wow! I wonder why Ms. Garofalo has soured so much on the Catholic Church. It seems she needs to learn the real scoop as to what happened during the Crusades and the Inquisition.

    And the Church HAS been against abortion for the last 2000 years. Where did she learn her history?!? And the Church is sexist against women??? One needs to remind her who the most important saint of all time is. And that God is not a specific gender.

    I guess she hasn’t seen any information on how child sexual abuse is prevalent in many churches and parents as well–not just the Catholic Church. It is evil alright, but so many like to dump on only on the Catholic Church. And did she ever look up the word “intrinsic” in the dictionary?

  8. travelah

    Johnny, they handle both with compassion … for both the raped victm and compassion for the baby.

  9. Johnny

    So, a young woman is raped by her father and the Catholics say she MUST carry the baby to term? And if the life of the mother is in danger then somehow the rights of fetus are greater?

    Yeah, that’s real compassion. Sounds more like punishment to me.

    Amazing. If in some strange twist it was that men bore children I doubt those examples would exist.

  10. Deliver Us From [Intrinsic] Evil

    By Greg
    February 21, 2008

    We just finished watching Deliver Us From Evil, an excellent 2006 documentary. Ugh, I haven’t felt so nauseated in quite some time. I need a shower.

    You need to rent it.

    I didn’t really know what it was about, other than that it was a documentary having to do with religion that Tammy had put in our Netflix queue. It started simply enough, circling around the mid-70’s activities of one Oliver O’Grady, a Catholic priest in California. “I want to promise myself this is going to be the most honest confession of my life.” Confession? The interwoven interview snippets began turning south as the potential for some “inappropriate contact” with a child was turning up in the discussions. With every chapter of the film, it only got worse…

  11. travelah

    Johnny, the vast majority of killing babies in the womb are done for matters of convenience and not rape and incest. Let’s put this in more human terms. Are you also OK with ripping the head off a baby that has just been born two months premature as you are with doing such to a baby that is still being nurtured in the womb?
    This is not a Roman Catholic issue although the RCC has been out front in opposing this travesty of murder called “abortion”.

  12. Johnny

    travelah, you can be about outlawing abortion all you want, and there are times I find the arguments compelling.

    I understand about the numbers game and the majority of abortions. However, when a woman is raped or has her life in danger and those oh-so-compassionate folks normally against abortion rights somehow are STILL against it, then like I said before I find that to be the REAL tell about how compassionate they really are. And, I apply that to my belief in their chitter-chatter about compassion on other issues related to women’s reproductive freedoms.

    That’s my take.

    I am a supporter and donor to Planned Parenthood, and am flummoxed by the lack of interest in family planning that pro-lifers have (as witnessed time and again by lack of support both here and abroad).

    If a young woman was raped by her father and is 5 weeks pregnant, do you care more about the life of the baby or the life of the young woman?

  13. Eli Cohen

    Travelah, I would happily rip the head of an unborn seven month old fetus from the womb of my daughter or wife if it was the only way to save their life! Wouldn’t you?

  14. the roo

    Johnny–You seem to misspeak again. Carrying a baby to term is not necessarily a “Catholic” thing. It’s a pro-life thing. I take it your not pro-life?

    And, if the life of the mother is in danger because of the pregnancy, you sound like you’ve never heard of a C-section?

  15. the roo

    Johnny–The Catholic Church is very straightforward on every topic you mentioned. Euthanasia is an intrinsic evil(not like Ms. Garofano discussed). Abortion is the same evil. The woman’s “choice” flew out the window as soon as she decided to ghet pregnant.

    The Catholic Church is also against the death penalty in the US. But NOT against it in Zimbabwe where it might not work. It is also against most wars, except if the war is considered “just”. The war in Iraq was definitely considered “just”, as was WWII.

    Any questions?

  16. I would happily rip the head [off] an unborn seven month old fetus from the womb of my daughter or wife if it was the only way to save their life! Wouldn’t you?”

    This is the correct view: a natural rights preference for the born over the unborn.

  17. Johnny

    Given their sordid historical record, in my mind the Catholic Church has exceptionally little real moral authority whatsoever.

    Tack on this ridiculous adherence to a “no abortion at any cost” approach and their credibility in the compassion department goes no near zero.

    And to you, roo, what if the woman didn’t want to get pregnant? What if your 14 year old daughter was raped and became pregnant? Would you force her to carry the baby to term or quietly and painfully accept that a simple outpatient procedure may be the difficult but best course for her? I’m curious how you would handle that.

    Abortion’s not an easy topic, for sure. But it’s not the state’s role — and certainly not the church’s — to invade the gut-wrenching and personal decisions that women and families make over this issue when they have to confront it.

    Now that’s REAL conservatism.

  18. travelah

    Eli, I am not at all surprised you would find it gleeful to rip the heads off babies. The life of the mother was not the focus of my question as the life of the mother ranks extremely low as the reason for a woman seeking an abortion. My concern is with the “convenience abortion” and why liberals are so quick to condone the killing of a viable, living soul while inside the womb. The same soul born prematurely is afforded heroic lifesaving measures to sustain him or her. The same soul murdered by an assailant before being birthed through the canal will bring a charge of murder against the one who killed the baby.

    Happy to rip the heads off babies. That is a most telling reflection of the moral condition of your world.

  19. Johnny

    travelah, Eli wrote (regarding his willingness to support an abortion for his wife or daughter):

    “…if it was the only way to save their life! Wouldn’t you?”

    I’m curious how you would answer that question. Let’s toss in both it being life-saving and/or the pregnancy was the result of rape, and that you’re imaginary daughter is 15 for the purposes of the question.

    I understand your abhorrence of what you call convenience abortions, but out of curiosity, where do you come down in those cases above?

  20. travelah

    Johnny, I do not support abortion in any instance unless the life of the woman is immediately threatened. I would never support the murder of a 7 month old baby in the womb. Instead, the baby should be delivered c-section and every effort made to keep the child living. There is no justification for ripping the head off any person. Framing this issue as Eli and yourself are doing does not address the issue and instead seeks to avoid addressing the reality of murdering babies for social and sexual “freedom”.

  21. Johnny

    Ok, so if your own wife or young daughter was raped and you learn a few weeks later that they became pregnant, you’d “make them” take the baby to term. Impressive.

  22. Carrie

    travelah: Are you aware that until the early 1900’s it was Papal Decree that the soul did not enter the body until 6 months of age. For whatever reasons they changed it, I find it very interesting that the church just changes things when it suits them.

  23. travelah

    Carrie, I am not Roman Catholic but I would be interested in having you provide the source. Nonetheless, a Papal bull or decree has little to do with this issue among Christians.

    Johnny, I would not make them do anything so I am not sure why you are “impressed”. By the same token, I would not make them or encourage them to murder a baby.

  24. Johnny

    travelah, in the case of your daughter it would be your choice if she was underage (I believe). I am glad you would leave it up to them in this case, and if that’s the case then I had read you wrong earlier.

  25. Carrie

    travelah: I will work on a specific source for you but I’m sure googleing it will give much information.

    When you say, “[it] has little to do with this issue among Christians”, are you saying that without the RC Church and Christian churches that everyone would have come to the same conclusions on their own?

  26. the roo

    Johnny–It doesn’t seem like it’s tie to proclaim your gross inability to access any historical information on the Catholic Church? Just where do you get the miniscule info that you do have?

    If my 14 year old daughteer was raped I would not have to force her to do anything. She would realize that the life inside of her is nowhere near connected to the person who did this heinous crime. Most people understand that you don’t penalize the innocent baby for something done by a totally different person.

    It’s nobody’s role but the immediate family. Why do you even bring up the state or the church? The right thing is for the baby to live. But maybe you’re too wrapped up in other emotione to think rationally.

    There was NO papal decree in the early 1900’s saying that the soul did not appear in the baby until it was 6 months old.

    No church has to come to any conclusion. If it’s life at conception, who would kill it?

  27. Ashevegasjoe

    my girlfriend works with children who have been raped and infected with herpes at one-year of age, whose parents have allowed them to eat feces and dog food, and who have had to be taken away by the state and placed in foster homes. I would argue that the “abortion of convenience”, is far better than the lives these children have and will have. Most children who have been in these deplorable conditions, unfortunately, will go on to sexually abuse their children, as it is cyclical. Travelah– you always talk about 7 mo. abortions, when the ones performed in North Carolina are done in the first trimester. I know this helps to invoke the image of a fully developed baby, but by far the abortions done in this state are much earlier on, when the fetus is far from developed and capable of surviving a c-section.
    Too many children are borne into abusive houses, where they are not wanted, and treated terribly, if not killed. Maybe, if we taught sex ed. instead of abstinence only, more people would use a condom or a pill.

  28. the roo

    Ashe–Maybe you’d better stop judging what kind of a life a baby will have. More babies than you will ever know has survived conditions much worse than you describe, and have grown up to become not only productive citizens, but patriots, heroes, people that save other lives, people that develop vaccines against all kinds of diseases—you get the point.

    To judge their life is not worth living is preposterous at best. The same with everyone who uses a condom or pill treats every possible living human being like a piece of trash. Only abstinence has worked every time it’s been tried. You will never be able to come up with anything better.

    Aren’t you glad we haven’t elected you as leader of our city?

  29. Ashevegasjoe

    If I got elected, having never ran, that would certainly be surprizing. I’m not judging their lives, but rather looking at concrete statistics, maybe you should do the same. Abstinence only education, where it has been used, has caused an increase of teen pregnancies and a drastic increase of oral/anal sex, when teens feel that does not violate their promise pledge. I will find you ten stories of people who are in the cycle of abuse to any one “patriot, hero, or people that develop vaccines”. Your idealism is certainly heart-warming, but far from reality.
    Using a pill or condom is not treating life like a piece of trash, but realizing lots of people have consentual sex, and they are not fit to be parents. Should they? No. Do they? All the freakin’ time. So while I applaud your nobility, I live in reality, and lots of kids are better off not being borne. Why is it that you need a license to fish, but not to parent?

  30. Laurel Asheley

    Killing the most defenseless amongst us has to be the most evil. The baby in the womb deserves to be born. It’s a child, not a choice. Abortion stops a beating heart. Women who are considering aborting, love your unborn child enough to carry to term and put the little bundle of love up for adoption if you don’t want to be bothered with raising her.

  31. the roo

    Abstinence has worked EVERY time. Education has not. But education has not caused an increase in pregnancies. Any info to verify that?

    There you go again–judging when one should not live. Using a pill or condom is nowhere near 100% effective as abstinence is. Are people always slaves to their desires? According to you they are. Many are better off not being borne. But many more ARE. And you’re judging again as to whether their lives are worth living.

    Getting a fishing license is to accrue funds from the state. Nowhere is it involved with morality. Your examples will need to improve dramatically.

  32. dav


    Do you do any volunteer work with unwanted children? If not, then your opinion holds little water.

  33. the roo

    Dav–I work with all kinds of children–black, chinese, hispanic, Korean, ADS, autistic–you name it. But in our church, these kids are ‘wanted’.

    That’s the way they should be. If a child is unwanted, it’s the parents who have the problem, not the kids.

    I wonder how I judge your opinion?

  34. Ashevegasjoe

    Laurel– abortions done in the first trimester don’t stop a beating heart, as it has not yet devloped.

    Roo–People aren’t always slaves to their desires, but lots of people have promiscuous sex. I’m not saying it’s right, but it is a fact. Teenagers, drug addicts, and abusive people have sex every day. Sure, some of them are capable of raising a child, but the overwhelming majority are not. You need to realize that lots of people have sex– shocking isn’t it, and lots of people don’t know how or are incapable of raising a child. Saying they should have children every time they have sex would be detrimental to them, the children, and our society as a whole. Like I said before, I applaud your nobility, but it is hardly realistic.

    The fishing license line was a joke, not an example. The child who was molested and infected with herpes at one year of age, and will have to live their life with that pain was an example. However, your approval is not my litmus test.

  35. the roo

    Ashe–A beating heart does not necessarily mean ‘life’ is present. A ‘soul’ does. A baby has a soul at conception. I hope you learned that.

    Promiscuous sex is the first sign of slavery to your desires. Absolutely people have sex every day. But if they weren’t a slave to their desires they’d know when is the right time to have sex, rather than having sex just because they want to.

    I didn’t say they should have children every time they have sex. Are you putting words in my mouth?

    If the fishing line was a joke, you should have indicated that. It sure didn’t seem like one. I’m not trying to give any approval for what you think. Just whose ‘approval’ do you have anyway?

  36. Eli Cohen

    What a bunch of crybabies. “It’s a life, not a choice” I am not going to presume that all you people who are against abortion are also pro capital punishment and pro war, but it wouldn’t surprise me. What about all those innocent Iraqis who have died for your oil? And the ongoing genocide in Africa? Are you whining for them? And while I’m on the subject of whining, I am really sick of hearing about 911! Israel has a terrorist attack almost every day, do you hear them whine? You Americans have it easy. To quote Ted Turner, “Christianity is for losers”

  37. Ashevegasjoe

    roo- your cohort used the beating heart reference, not me. Also, we’re talking about a medical procedure, and I don’t think the prescence of any “soul” can be proven. I believe in a soul, you believe in a soul, but lots of people don’t, and I don’t think we have the right to tell them they’re wrong and can’t have a medical procedure that has no conflict with their beleif system. It is legal, and some people don’t think it’s immoral, so if you don’t like it, don’t have an abortion, or change the law. I have seen the attempts to constrict the law, and they are always met with fervor on both sides. I think it would be quite a boost to people who favor women’s rights.

    I didn’t indicate the joke, as I don’t need to indicate jokes, that is a sign of a bad joke. It’s actually a cliche and well known to literate people.

    The only approval I have is from myself and God, thanks and Bless You

  38. the roo

    Ashe–Now who could be my cohort? You did use the joke about the fishing license, which I was referring to.

    We have a right to tell anybody they’re wrong. In fact we would be at fault knowing the truth if we did not tell the mal-informed what the truth is.

    No, there’s no way to prove that a soul exists. But, you know, ther’s no way to prove that it doesn’t exist either.

    The Declaration says we have a right to save lives. That means we have a right to stop a procedure that kills lives.

    ‘Not having an abortion’ is a poor excuse for those that know that it is killing. When it comes to ‘life’, we have to take a stand no matter what someone else feels about it. If people don’t like that law, they can always move to another country.

    Did God tell you personally that He approves of everything you do?

  39. Ashevegasjoe

    Yes God tells me so every day, we’re very close.

    Maybe you should move out of the country since you’re the one with the problem with the law.
    It’s not “killing”, it’s legal, and your claim that people know it is, is ridiculous. You can’t take a life of something that can’t live on it’s own. That’s why it’s not called a fetus until nine weeks, and why such a high number of premature babies die after birth

    Also, if you feel it’s your right to save lives, do you dedicate as much energy to fighting capital punishment and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? God told me to ask.

  40. quotequeen

    Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.
    Ronald Reagan (1911 – 2004)

  41. the roo

    Wait, wait. I’m supposed to move out of the country with something that’s only been a law since 1973?

    I know a lot of people that can’t live on their own. Does that make them a non-life? Your definition of ‘life’ is convoluted at best.

  42. the roo

    You can interpret that quote, queen, several different ways. For abortion advocates, being ‘born’ can be interpreted mulyiple ways. For someone truly pro-life, conception is ALWAYS when a person is born.

  43. Eli Cohen

    I think rayguns was having a “Being There” moment. You know that poor man was suffering the effects of alzheimers for the last few years in office!

  44. the roo

    Eli–It sounds as if you have some major thinking to do. Why you whine so much?

    I’m pro-life, but capital punishment only works in those places where you can’t prevent a killer from ever killing again.

    Nobody I know is “pro-war”. But if it’s just, and if it’s going to stop other killing and maiming as Hussein was doing, then it must be done. It turns out all those innocent Iraqis were killed by terrorists that purposely put them in harms way. None of the Allies had any orders or intentions to kill any civilians.

    Only those that are really hard-up quote Ted Turner.

  45. Eli Cohen

    Roo, your ignorance is astounding, and your opinions seem better suited to be emanating from another of your orifices. One, I’m always doing some major thinking, two, whining is in my blood, three, the sentence “I’m pro-life, but capital punishment only works in those places where you can’t prevent a killer from ever killing again.” is incoherent, four, plenty of people are pro war, five, I’m tired of counting the illogical assertions of someone who is obviously unschooled. Only the lazy quote Ted Turner.

  46. Eli Cohen

    But don’t let me discourage you from further dissertations on American foreign policy. At least you’re passionate! Thanks for writing.

  47. the roo

    Eli–Is that what people do who can’t use reasoned explanations–insults and accusations?

    My questions are, what exactly are you thinking about? And, what is is about Catholic doctrine on the death penalty that you can’t understand? You’re obviously not Catholic, are you?

    Who that you know, may I ask, is pro-war? Why do you denigrate Ted Turner so much after you quote him?

    Yes, Eli. I’ve prayed for your soul. You do believe you have one, don’t you?


    Essentially, one of the major Tenants of the protestant reformation was the identification of the Catholic Church, as the Mother of all Harlots, ‘The Beast” spoken of in the Bible.
    A magician called Simon Magnus, who tried to buy the power of the Holy Spirit from the apostles, essentially started the Catholic Church. After this incident, described in scripture, Simon takes his rather famous carnival sideshow to Rome and is given rave reviews, as he then, founds the pagan Catholic Church, along with the help of the Roman GODVERMENT

    Rome then incorporates pagan Babylonian worship into this newly created State Church and The Mother of all Harlots is born. This infusion of pagan religion and ritual, into the newly formed Christianity, which was comprised, pre dominantly by Jews at that time, then gives us our pagan HOLY DAYS of Easter I.E.. ISHTAR, goddess of fertility, replete with little pagan bunny rabbits, embraced, by all the rest of the pagan denominations and Christmas, the birthrate of Tammuez, the Sun god on Dec 25, who had a rather kinky relationship with his Mom, whilst losing his…… er…….well…….. His manhood, as both he and she try to frantically find it again, every Dec 25, with the help of a fat man in a red suit and reindeer.

    The “universal” Catholic Church Is the Beast, however before we start Catholic bashing, Lets remember the scripture says the Harlot has many children, IE denominations, the Southern Baptists, being probably the second most pagan cult on the face the Earth.
    The Southern Baptists are ardent believers in a Catholic contrived doctrine called the pre tribulation rapture.
    The doctrine was designed and conceived in 1828 by the Jesuits who paid a Scottish preacher by the name of John Darby, to export it, to the U.S. and to obfuscate the true identity of the Beast, which was the political and religious makeup of the Catholic Church

    The pre-tribulation Rapture Cult dogma lie, diverts attention away from the Beast as a political/ religious entity and then falsely postulates a different Beast, a man, indwelled by Satan a pretty good description of many religious leaders and of course His ungodliness, the Pope.

    The rapture lie, says the beast is a young J.F.K. type, with supranational powers, and he will be the head of a 10 nation Revived Roman empire. The Rapture cult, then extrapolates, that this is the EEC. which now has many more members than 10, this, these idiots say, will become the Beasts power base.

    Little do the hapless Southern Baptists realize they have fallen for a great lie, as indeed the Catholic Church is in fact the Beast and thus has created the false Rapture doctrine to shelter its true nature and identity as such.
    Most sheep people also do not know that Islam was the creation of the Jesuits, for the setting up of a Hegelian dialectic, creating a false East vs. West paradigm, that has been playing out for the last 1200 years; in fact Mohammed was married to a Catholic nun. All of these things are not taught to the sheep, as they might have the knowledge to put the pieces of the Matrix together

    The false dialectic is manifested today in the East vs. West struggle and in the ridiculous, inane and completely fabricated illusion, that one iota of difference exists between the two, so called political parties in the U.S, set up to distract the sheep as decoy, so that they might maintain their illusion, whilst the real deceit and treachery on the Human race, is perpetrated by the Beast Catholic Church, who runs all government’s and funds all wars. The Catholic Church financed the likes of Hitler, Mussolini; they have had their hand in every major war on the globe.
    In closing, even the joke courts, which are not really courts at all, have been influenced by the Catholic Church. The perverted lying Judge, is really a religious priest in a black dress much like a Catholic priest.
    Of course the real victims in this are the 97% of the population of this planet that are asleep, they have unconsciously bought into the matrix created by the Beast and thus continue to live un-self conscience lives, having the inability to pull back the curtain, which hides an impotent old man, called the Pope, who has his finger in their pie.
    All religious denominations are whores, after all, they have all agreed to be dead. Corporation from the Greek word corpse and the I REPRESENT SATAN agency, converted them into corporations under the 501c3.
    That says it all in a nut shell. The churches are dead, just like most of the people in them, who believe, in bunny rabbits, fat men in red suits and flying away to la la land, to escape their own sins, which incidentally, they’ve already forgiven themselves of, as the have embraced another false doctrine, created By John Calvin, with the help of the catholic church, the evil, I’m O.K your OK doctrine called “Once saved always saved”. These imposters are spewed out of the mouth of God, as they are Luke warm and dead, because corporations are dead, just like people. AH…….. I mean Sheeple, with all capitalized names the government has given them, like BABYLON THE MOTHER OF ALL HARLOTS, or your name spelled in all capitals on your new national ID card IE driver license, the Mark that you’ve accepted THAT IS HELD “IN” YOUR HAND!

  49. Eli Cohen

    For the roo: the answers are as follows, no, none of your business, don’t care, no, if you have to ask…, it was a joke, none of your business. If you can come up with something other than mealy mouthed quasi religious bs, please let me know, otherwise, catholic fruitcake eater


    No meds for me Eli,what didnt you like about my post??
    I looked at some of your other posts, not bad points you make

  51. Laurel Asheley

    Ashevegasjoe, if your mom had “chosen” to have you removed from her womb in the first trimester, would you be here now? No. It’s a child, not a choice. Be grateful your mom loved you enough to have had you and not aborted you.

  52. the roo

    Conus–I’m sorry, but your diatribe made me laugh! Can you let me know exactly who said te Catholic Church was “The Beast”?

    I liked the story about how the Jesuits were in cahoots with Islam! Maybe you should let St. Ignasius know about that one. You do know who St. Ignatius is, don’t you?

    I’ll bet I know who has hold of your soul right now. How did it ever get that way? Who pushed you beyond the limit?

  53. the roo

    Eli–It seems you like insults, alright. Please let me now when you become fully versed in Catholic doctrine. We can have an intelligent conversation then.

    Your responses “it’s none of your business” bodes poorly. I’m sorry you don’t believe in souls. The question really is, what do you think will happen to yours after this mortal life?

    I still prayed for your soul. Not much you can do about that. And I ran out of meds. Anything you’ve got that can help?


    ROO I would tend to agreee with Eli about your menatal status,
    Click this link, I know its hard for U.S.citizens to read. This will expalin the Islam connection,
    As for the Catholic church being the Beast oh lets see…..Just read say…… any Bible commentary Like the Clarkes Jamison Faucett, Gills etc! Google it wow! Danger Will Robinson IQS are dropping too much flouride
    Roo please turn on Fox news and go back to sleep Im glad I could make you laugh.The lights are on but no ones home Lord they are mindless

  55. Laurel Asheley

    The beast is the devil. The Catholic church is on Godsside.

  56. Laurel Asheley

    You don’t scareme Eli. I just feel sorry for you. May God touch your heart and heal your pessimism.

  57. the roo

    Conus–Thanks for clearing that up. I was truly worried about your mental status there, for awhile.

    Laurel–Thanks for clearing that up about the “beast”. I wonder where Conus got the idea that the Church was the ‘beast’. Dare he answer?

    Conus–I googled your ‘Islam’ connection, and I almost fell down laughing! Is there another resource you have that says the same thing. Any people that are still Catholic? Any Deacons? Any Priests? Any Bishopss, Cardinals, Popes? I guess that prooves you can find anything on the inbternet if you look hard enough.

    I’ve prayed for your soul again. Is there anything you can do to rid yourself of the devil?

    Eli, if you need any assistance you can call me anytime. The devil might have you until mortal death, but he doesn’t decide your eventual outcome.

  58. Eli Cohen

    Laurel, it seems you’ve been touched already (in the head) Any pessimism I’m experiencing is from reading the simple minded drivel you’ve posted on this thread. Please don’t waste any time or energy feeling sorry for me…and please tell me you haven’t procreated! (there’s a pessimistic thought)

    And for the roo, I have one word: “sanctimonious”

  59. the roo

    Eli–We wish you the best. How many years do you have left to live in this world? And then it just may be that Legion has got you by the throat and believes he’s won.

    Please don’t prove he’s right.

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