Score one for Obama

Obama answered the [debate] questions much better than McCain. He outlined the things he would do for the middle class. McCain didn’t even mention the middle class. McCain’s health-care plan doesn’t address folks with preexisting conditions. Five thousand dollars won’t buy you affordable insurance if you have a preexisting condition.
  Obama looked more relaxed and presidential. He looked like a man who could inspire a nation and bring change. McCain looked old and tired. What scares me to death is his vice-presidential pick. Palin isn’t experienced enough to run the country, should something happen to McCain. McCain says he puts country first, but his VP pick says he puts his party base first.

— Sharon Dagiel

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46 thoughts on “Score one for Obama

  1. Dionysis

    There is much more about McCain’s ‘health care plan’ of concern than it not addressing “folks with pre-exisiting conditions”:

    “Quick test: Which presidential candidate offers the most radical new approach for health care coverage in the United States?

    If you listen to the spin-meisters denouncing universal health care as “socialized medicine,” you’d answer Democrat Barack Obama. But by far, the most radical plan belongs to John McCain. The Republican candidate would essentially destroy the foundation on which the current health insurance system is based and replace it with a dubious plan to let the marketplace work its magic.

    “Opening up the health insurance market to more vigorous nationwide competition, as we have done over the last decade with banking, would provide more choices of innovative products less burdened by the worst excesses of state-based regulation,” McCain wrote in a recent issue of the magazine of the American Academy of Actuaries, the people who determine your rates for, among other things, health insurance.

    In other words, if you like what free-market conservatives have done for the banking and finance industry, you’ll love what they have in mind for health insurance. McCain’s plan would put the health of many citizens at risk. It would also exacerbate the vicious cycle of the uninsured seeking care in the nation’s emergency rooms, causing local tax subsidies of public hospitals to rise along with the premiums of those of us with insurance…

    He wants to eliminate the tax exemption workers get for the health benefits their employers provide. In its place, he would enact tax credits of $2,500 for individuals and $5,000 for families to help them buy insurance on their own.

    While the decades-old system of employer-sponsored health insurance has its shortcomings — many small businesses can’t afford to offer it — killing the tax exemption will lead to a stampede of large employers discontinuing their more affordable, group health plans. Those comprehensive plans cost more than $12,000 a year for the average family; with a tax credit of just $5,000, they’d be left to find $7,000 a year to buy comparable coverage. Put simply, the tax-credit scheme won’t work.

    The McCain plan also banks on a vague promise to work with the states to come up with plans that would cover the millions of Americans denied coverage because of pre-existing medical conditions. Not surprisingly, the private market doesn’t want these individuals. They are too risky to profits. So these patients will have three choices under the McCain plan — pay exorbitant premiums, buy a plan with minimal coverage or go without…

    the McCain plan could be more costly in the long run than what Obama proposes. Economists studying both plans projected that over a 10-year-span there was far more efficiency in Obama’s $1.6 billion proposal — even with additional government spending — than McCain’s plan, which would cost taxpayers $1.3 billion. (The Brookings Institution Tax Policy Center estimated earlier this month that McCain’s plan, on a per capita basis, was seven times more expensive than Obama’s at covering the uninsured.)”

  2. pamela massenburg

    One of McCain’s first out of all the most important decisions he had to make as our potential President was to choose someone whom America could depend on to replace him should anything happen to him in the event that he could no longer fulfill his position as President. Choosing Sarah Palin to be his running mate for vice president is the first symptom of his instability, incapability, and irresponsibility to lead this country.

    Sara Palin is not ready and should NOT be given the authorization to be a “McCain” heartbeat away from leading this country. During Palin’s interview with Charles Gibson, he asked her about her reaction when McCain asked her to be his running mate. She said that she didn’t need time to think about it and her answer was an immediate “Yes.” That answer alone should have sent a cold quiver throughout the spine of all mothers. That one answer alone proved who is the real Sarah Palin. A selfish woman who’s #1 priority is “Ambition” to do and get what she want and nobody else matters not even her husband nor her 4 out of 5 dependent children.

    It’s quite obvious that Reality is, John McCain is older/elderly with many health issues and apparently mental issues as well. McCain met Sarah Palin only once briefly and decided to make her his running mate. McCain may be considered an American hero (or a Maverick as he refers to himself) who fought in and were capture during war but yet that should not be his main qualification for leading this country. Apparently those flashbacks that he lives with daily has effected the area of his brain that should allow him to make intelligent and rational decisions that would effect the lives of millions of people. His constant flip-flopping is another sign of instability and incapability to be a leader. After 8 years of Bush, I would like to believe that those American citizens who elected Bush twice has learned a very valuable lesson as to why we shouldn’t allow fear tactics as a motive to pick a President. This on going war in Iraq has created more fatality than 9/11. Fear should not be the primary factor in choosing a President. What ever happen to “In God We Trust”??

    To those pro-claimed devout Christians who depend on Bush or McCain or even Obama for their protection, I recommend you read Hebrews 11, the entire chapter. It talks mainly about “Faith in God” – a quality that all pro-claimed devout Christians should possess.

    It’s obvious that McCain is living in his own little world anytime you can look outside of your boxed-in or boxed-up life and still proclaim that the economy is strong. Well, I guess if you own 7 or more homes and don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay your electric, gas, water, sewer, rent, house note, medical bills, prescription medicine or if you will still have a job to go to, etc.. etc…. or where your next meal is coming from or who’s going to pay for it, I guess it would look strong to you if you were walking in his financial shoes.

    McCain didn’t have enough intelligence or creativity to come up with his own slogan instead he had to latch on to Obama’s coattail and re-create his own ideology of what change is to him. But truth is, he’s offering 4 more years of the same just under a different name.

    McCain’s biggest argument is that he fought for America. He survived war. That is a blessing. Many of our young soldiers who have lost their lives to this senseless on-going war in Iraq will never see 72 years old to share their war stories with their children and grandchildren.
    Palin is referred to as a bible-toting gun carrying Christian. I think Palin along with the other proclaimed devout pro-life Christians need to open up the bible they tote and maybe read it sometimes so they can understand the true meaning of Christianity.

    Preachers who proclaim to be follows of the doctrines of Jesus Christ need to follow a lil’ more closer and should not influence their opinion as to whom to vote for on their parishioners. I hope that each church member will instead be influenced by God and their own intuition as to how they feel as to whom would be the better candidate for the welfare of all people and not just an elite few. Just because Obama support human rights does not mean he is anti-Christianity. It means he supports freedom of choice as God gives us. Every human has the right to be treated as a human regardless of his or her choice of life-style. God has the power and could have created a world of human-robots that do everything upon His command but instead He gave us the freedom to choose how we want to live our lives. Yes He did give us a book of commandments and guidelines that “Christians” should live by but the decision was left up to us as to whether we follow them or not. We can choose to be a “saint” or a “sinner.” Those of us who believe in Jesus should know the consequences of disobedience to God’s living Word. If God gave us freedom of choice, than who are the elite few to think they are more powerful than God to take away that freedom. Whether one believe in God or not is an individual choice. In the end, we all got to answer to God for our individual selves.

    Jesus died that we would live and yet He gave us freedom of choice.

    God didn’t have to put the “Forbidden Tree” in the Garden of Eden but He did.
    Adam & Eve had a choice and they chose to disobey God.

    What happen to one of Jesus’ greatest commandment as a Christian? – “To love thy neighbor as thou self.” What if I am your Pro-claimed Christian neighbor living quite comfortably in a luxury home making over $250,000 a year and I know you, my $30,000 income neighbor, is struggling to keep the lights on, the gas on, the water on, food on the table and have a foreclosure sign standing in your front lawn. As a devout Christian, should I complain about paying higher taxes on my $250,000 salary if I know it’s going to help you keep your home or feed your children?

    Wasn’t it one of Jesus commandments that we should love our neighbors as ourselves?
    ……Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. (Matthew 22:39)

    We call America the Land of the Free. Than please by all means as a “Free American,” express your constitutional right and form your own opinions and think for yourself.

    It’s sad when you cannot form an individual opinion on your own. Some people will only vote Republican because they grew up within a Republican-voting family. Some people will vote only Democratic just because they grew up in a Democratic-voting family. It’s 2008, can we all get inspired to be independent thinkers and grow out of these ancient mentalities.

    If you eliminate Obama’s name, the color of his skin, listen to the “man” and what he wants for all people and not just the elite few, would you me more willing to give him a chance, an opportunity to bring back the pride of being an American?

    We are living in a diminishing economy but yet afraid to take a chance on a Harvard grad who’s offering change & freedom from the last 8 years of deceit and lies and inadequacies just because of the color of his skin or the name “his mother chose” for him.

    For those select few who will not cast their vote for Obama even knowing within their gut that he is the better candidate just because of skin color, is just evident that ignorance is color-blind.

    According to my bible, we are all descendants of Adam-1st man and Eve-1st woman.

    Let’s just keep it real!!! With his credentials and the downward spiral inwhich the state of America keeps twirling, although Obama is of mixed nationality, “if” his skin-tone was white on the outside and his name was John Smith, McCain wouldn’t stand a chance at winning this election.

    You Pro-claimed devout Christians better such your bibles and your hearts and make sure your reasons for not voting for Obama holds up before God.

    .…the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7)

    For there is no respect of persons with God. (Romans 2:11)

  3. dave

    Anyone who doesnt support Mrs Gov. Sarah Palin obviously hates women.

  4. vrede

    Anyone who doesn’t support Mr. Senator John McCain obviously hates old people.

  5. Al Cottingham

    Obama didn’t outline anything. He blathered on like always with his slick used car salesman accumen. The idea he will give the middle class a tax cut is the cruelest lie. Anyone who believes that just isn’t paying attention. If he wants to unroll socialized medicine, and God only know how many more socialist programs, he will have to tax the working middle class. Because that’s where the money is!

  6. vrede

    Al Cottingham,

    Since the Shrub?Paulson Wall Street fat cat bailout, red-baiting is no longer an approved GOP tactic. Didn’t you get the memo?

  7. Dave

    dearest Al Cottingham, et al.

    I was wondering what you thought of the Republican President, as well as a majority of House and Senate Republicans and Democrats both signing a bailout bill that gives hard-working, taxpayer money away to fancy-pants, New Yorker city-slicker investment bankers?

    Also, can you please explain what sort of benefit is gained by your type of engagement? You seem thrilled to inject half-truths into your rhetoric, without ever sticking around long enough to participate in a real-life discussion.
    Do you really feel your ‘beliefs’ are that under-represented and misunderstood that you cant have a conversation that exchanges ideas freely and openly?
    Really. You have appeared here as multiple names, who have all been banned, and instead of having a conversation with the Moderators, you change your name and start the childish game all over again.
    Now, rumor has it you are well into your 60’s. So, I must ask, doesnt this feel kind of childish to you?
    If your hope is to inform us of something we dont already have access to, then why dont you stick around and trade ideas back and forth? There are many values which you espouse that I more than agree with, and I think that you just might find that your pre-conceived notions of the world might begin be challenged if you were willing to present yourself, with your actual name, as an adult.
    What do you think?

  8. nuvue

    Heck, they went from a democracy, capitalist system to a socialist French system in less than week and half! Smooth work for Bushes last few months.

  9. Ken Hanke

    The middle class is where the money is, huh? Well, he’s getting warmer than Reagan did, since Reagan seemed to have divined that the poor had all the money.

  10. Jim Bob Thornton

    Ken, you are so right. That Nazi Reagan taxed the poor more into the poorhouse while he lined the pockets of the rich and the middle class because they worked hard and produced more GNP wealth. Let’s have some social justice here!

  11. Lydia

    I think all you people voting for Obama are missing thw whole picture. Do you honestly and truly trust some man who has NO experience what-so-ever in running a country, much less can’t even answer a question without b.s’ing his way through it? He tells you librels what you WANT to hear. Not what you NEED to hear. I think if Obama gets into office, we are all screwed. And lets think real quick about his one big campaign ad… “If you make under $250,000 a year your taxes aren’t going to raise”… So tell me librels since you want change and all, what is going to happen to the large corporations and companies that make millions of dollars each year and their taxes raise to compensate for the people who do get a tax break? Hmm… I am thinking that all prices on goods and services are going to raise (to make up the difference in tax raising and lowering) making life even more difficult than it already is. So really, is THIS the CHANGE you all are so willing to have? The economy is bad enough (even worse since the democrats can’t even take responsibility for the bail out blow up when THEY ARE THE ONES IN CHARGE OF THE HOUSE! NOT THE REPUBLICANS! So it didn’t really even matter what we voted on that bill, the democrats had the upper hand all along), and I fear what will come of the United States if Obama does get into office. You all just don’t get it.

  12. Dionysis

    Here’s one ‘librel’ who thinks your post is a rambling hodge-podge of illogical clap-trap.

    And how many years of experience does John McCain have in “running a country?” In fact, how many past presidents had experience in “running a country?”

  13. Lydia
    1.Has McCain run a country? Palin? In fact the only time a candidate has experience running a country is if he/she is an incumbent.

    2.What questions has McCain answered directly without BS and deflection?

    3.To accuse Obama of telling people what they want to hear is like saying that knives can cut you; McCain is just as guilty of pandering as Obama and unfortunately all politicians.

    4.Most of the time that people speak in generalities like “You all just don’t get it” they are wrong. Rest assured that a large number of liberals and conservatives are far more intelligent and informed than you are, so to say that more than half of the country doesn’t get it and you do is comical.

  14. vrede

    A special shout out goes to those smearers that have contributed so much to Barack Obama’s impending victory. You know who you are and it looks like you’ve done more for Obama than I and the other Obama supporters ever could have hoped to.

    With just 3 weeks left, please keep it up. Having elected Obama, there’s still that filibuster-proof Democratic Senate super-majority for you to achieve.

    The check is in the mail.

    Poll says attacks backfire on McCain

  15. Lydia

    I am so glad that I can ruffel your feathers. Dionysis, you know, you’re right. What President does have experience running a country (before getting into office). None of them do. But I can tell you this. At least John Mccain has the experience of helping to lead a country and has done so being a senator for the past TWENTY SIX years. And let’s not mention him serving two terms in the House or Rep (o yea, and the 23 years he spent fighting for our country). Obama has only activily served in the senate for 3 years. And two of those he has been campaining for President. So all in all, he has only worked in the senate for 1 year. Hmm.. I do think experience pays off. So sorry you think my rambling is hodge podge. That’s all I hear when Obama speaks.
    And as for you JMAC, you can re-read what I just wrote above to answer your first question. Second, Mccain was able to speak very well about what he plans to do with the troops and what needs to happen as far as pakistan, afghanistan, iraq etc. Number three. I agree with your first statement. Politicians will sling mud and both Mccain and Obama are guilty. And number four, there you go being narrow minded (like most liberals) and speaking to me in a sense that I have no knowledge. That my dear is comical. You know what else I think is comical. The fact that none of the democratic party sees exactly what an idiot Joe Bidden is. Now, would you trust that man to help run a country when he can’t even get his facts straight about the depression and much less couldn’t see a man sitting in a wheel chair when he asked him to stand up? If he is that blatenly ignorant, I am really in fear for our country. And most of the country does get it as do I. The really truly comical part of this whole thing is that democrats are going into homeless shelters and signing up the homeless to vote for Obama in exchange for needs. How pathetic does someone have to be to get votes.

  16. “How pathetic does someone have to be to get votes. ”
    I do not know ask McCain

    “And number four, there you go being narrow minded (like most liberals) and speaking to me in a sense that I have no knowledge.”
    Thanks for labeling me as a liberal, but I am actually very fiscally conservative and socially liberal; narrow minded no, I am willing to hear a good argument, yet you have not provided one. I am sure you have plenty of knowledge, now please us it.

  17. Ken Hanke

    I am really in fear for our country

    So am I. It’s spelled “Palin.”

  18. Dionysis

    Lydia, you flatter yourself if you think your posts could possible ‘ruffel’ my feathers. There are far more erudite right-wingers out there than you and I promise you they don’t ruffle my feathers a bit.

    This recent post is only marginally less schizoid than the first. At least you spelled ‘liberal’ correctly this time.

  19. dave marks

    God, Ken, you are so right on. It is so scary a woman who balances a family of five, a husband, and her job as governor of Alaska could possibly be VP of the USA. I mean she believes in feminis,. And she believes in the right of the unborn to be born and have life. She also shoots her own moose, then field dresses her own kill. She cleaned Alaskan government of it’s crooks…many from her own p-arty. Yeah, Ken, you are right. She is scary. Better to have a Chicago machine candidate with support from a domestic murdering terrorist and spouse, and an Americas-hating preacher. Ken you are so smart. Thank you for your posts.

  20. Lydia

    Wow. Out of all I wrote I am so glad the only thing of focus was the topic of me ruffling feathers and how I mispelled liberal. Incredible.

  21. Dionysis

    “Wow. Out of all I wrote I am so glad the only thing of focus was the topic of me ruffling feathers and how I mispelled liberal. Incredible.”

    Actually, what is incredible is that you are unable to understand that the “focus” is on the complete nonsense of your posts. Is that really that hard to figure out? Hmmmmmmm?

  22. David


    My favorite part about Sarah Palin is how she sold that plane on Ebay!

    Oh, wait, that was a total and complete lie.

    But, it was only discovered because of the Liberal “Gotcha” media. I wish they put as much scrutiny on Barack Obama as they do on sarah palin.

    Oh, wait, they have ten fold.

    Oh well.

  23. Ken Hanke

    My favorite part about Sarah Palin is how she sold that plane on Ebay!

    Me, I liked this choice kernel from above, “She also shoots her own moose, then field dresses her own kill.” Now, that’s what everyone should be looking for in a vice president.

  24. vrede

    Ken Hanke: “Me, I liked this choice kernel from above, “She also shoots her own moose, then field dresses her own kill.” Now, that’s what everyone should be looking for in a vice president.”

    You have to admit that it would at least be an improvement in marksmanship.

  25. WTF???

    AMY GOODMAN: Barack Obama, who is now ahead in the polls two weeks ahead of the election—early voting has begun in scores of states right now, so people have already cast their votes—has pledged to increase military spending—
    AMY GOODMAN: —and has called for a surge in Afghanistan.
    (10/20/08) Democracy Now transcript

  26. Reality Check

    Obama and Palin have just about the same experience levels. Obama has more in DC, but Palin has more executive experience. Time is office is about the same. Hammering Palin for her inexperience is pretty hypocritical. But, that’s nothing new for the left.

  27. vrede

    Let’s see. He’s represented more people, been under national scrutiny for longer, been elected by more people, has federal experience other than asking for nowhere bridge handouts, has been outside North America, lived among different races and classes, is a constitutional scholar, and:

    Barack Obama:
    Columbia University – B.A. Political Science with a Specialization in International Relations, Harvard – Juris Doctor (J.D.), Magna Cum Laude

    Sarah Palin:
    Hawaii Pacific University – 1 semester, North Idaho College – 2 semesters – general study, University of Idaho – 2 semesters – journalism, Matanuska-Susitna College – 1 semester, University of Idaho – 3 semesters – B.A. in Journalism

  28. Dionysis

    “Hammering Palin for her inexperience is pretty hypocritical.”

    How about hammering Palin for being a dolt and a chronic liar?

    Also, the McCain campaign hammered Obama for his lack of experience. Does the selection of Palin demonstrate their own hypocrisy as well?

  29. Ken Hanke

    Hey, she shoots her own moose and field dresses her own kill. What more can you ask? (What would happen if she shot somebody else’s moose? Is that legal?)

  30. Dionysis

    Any politician that has been repeatedly caught lying, in some cases, repeating the same lie even after being nailed, is a chronic liar. No ambiguity there.

    As for the dolt part, just last night Palin claimed the role of the VP was to “be in charge of the Senate.” A dolt and a liar.

  31. Reality Check

    All 4 candidates fit your definition. I’m not arguing that either. This election has been extremely disappointing in that respect.

    The VP is the President of the Senate in case you didn’t know.

  32. vrede

    To be fair, the VP is Senate president, though that authority is rarely exercised – usually only when close votes are anticipated. Clumsy wording, though.

  33. travelah

    Calling her a “dolt and a liar” is beyond foolish. It is simply stupid. The Vice President is the President pro tempore of the Senate and the highest ranking official in the Senate. While “in charge of” was a poor choice of words, her intent was an expression of the Constitutional role.

    When did being fairly self sufficient and a hunter become cause of ridicule by people who can hardly grow vegetables without help?

    How many times did Bill Clinton’s daughter travel at public expense? We don’t know how many times the bimbos traveled.

  34. vrede


    You don’t do your case arguing against Sarah Palin’s doltishness much good when you get the ‘facts’ so jumbled yourself.

    The Vice President of the United States is the President of the Senate, and thus is the highest-ranking official of the Senate; during his absence, the President pro tempore is the highest-ranking official in the Senate and may preside over its sessions.

    The current President pro tempore of the Senate is Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia).

  35. dave marks

    I wonder if the democrat Robert Byrd wears his Klu Klux Klan hood and sheet when he serves as president pro tempore of the Senate?

    I’ll feel much better when a real American, and feminist, Sarah Palin is running the Senate.

  36. dave

    Mr Mark-

    Can you explain to me, in more than three sentences, how sara palin is a “Feminist”?

    Also, the VP does not “Run the Senate”.

  37. Reality Check

    NOW and the hard left define feminism with one litmus test – Abortion – if you disagree with them on that one issue, you are apparently not a feminist.

    Old school conservatism would want Palin at home raising her kids. Not working. She broke a glass ceiling and excelled in a man’s world of hard core, old school politics in Alaska. You can’t take that away from her. Is she VP material – I’m not so sure she’s ready yet. However, she did something that feminists – up until this election – used to applaud as one of the primary goals of feminism.

    Do you have to support abortion rights to be a feminist? Is that the entrance exam into that club? If you are a stay at home Mom who’s pro-abortion, are you a feminist? Personally, I took bioethics at UNC and understand the complexity of the abortion argument. I have no horse in that race.

  38. vrede


    Though I detest Palin, she is an accomplished woman and does describe herself as a feminist, although her definition of the term would differ from mine in significant ways.

    Also, the Vice President of the United States is the President of the Senate, and thus is the highest-ranking official of the Senate, though that authority is rarely exercised – usually only when close votes are anticipated.

    If you’d read a few posts higher, you’d already know this.

  39. dave

    RC-This obsession of yours with defining anything remotely “left” as “far-left” belies your own personal bias.

    In addition, I think most folks would agree that winning in the “Good ol boys world” by playing by the same corrupt rules and winning is hardly “feminist”. The “Primary Goal of Feminism” that you speak of is not to succeed in a “Man’s World” by playing by “Mens’ Rules”.
    Although there are multiple factions of Feminist Thought out there, it is safe to say that their ‘goals’ would be to change the way the game is played, with more honesty, integrity, and kindness. Not backstabbing, lying, courting corporate lobbyists while claiming not to, or pandering to America’s lowest common denominator.

    And the fact that you are answering for “Mr. Marks” gives you some dubious company, to say the least. Should I understand you agree with all his/her/it’s claptrap?

    vrede-True. But what she said was she would “run the senate” which is an incorrect simplification. She has yet again shown she is flying by the seat of her pants with no real bearing on reality.

    But your right. DickCheney has changed all of that.

    from“The vice president’s main duty is to replace the president if the president dies, resigns, is removed from office or can no longer carry out his or her duties for other reasons.

    “The Constitution names the vice president as the president of the Senate but allows the vice president to cast a vote only to break a tie.

    The vice president, as a member of the executive branch of the government, has no official role in developing legislation or determining how it is presented to or debated by the Senate, which is part of the legislative branch. In all meaningful ways, the leader of the majority party runs the Senate.

    Traditionally, the vice president appears in the Senate for ceremonial events and in case of a tie vote. Although the vice president can preside over the Senate, vice presidents have left that day-to-day chore to senators themselves. In the past, each president has determined the role of the vice president in an administration. “

  40. Reality Check

    Dave – I was making my point as a stand alone comment and you completely dodged what I was commenting on with another distraction .. Here, I’ll bite .. Is Pelosi a feminist? Hillary? There are piles of dead bodies in their wakes .. that’s an analogy .. just like the good ole boys. If you make NOW made, you are doomed. Try crossing any of them. You will pay big time. The kindness and compassion thing has to do with helping the poor etc, not how they get it done. They do it just like the guys do.

    I say far left, because most on the regular left are regular people with moderate views. Just like the right and the far right. Both sides have reasonable people and both sides have radicals. Someone spouts a far left view on some topic, the they are far left on that topic. Not hard to understand that .. the right is the same. Most of the real answers are in the middle somewhere .. where most people reside. I have views that are represented some on each side of the isle … do you? If not, that pushes you further towards the ‘far’ side of the isle.

  41. dave

    I am most certainly very far left what you seem consider “center”.

    And no, Pelosi and Hillary are very much not Feminists in my “far Left” radical, male perspective.

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