Annexation equals progress

On March 16, I had a letter published in favor of North Carolina’s annexation code and encouraging Asheville’s continuation in the battle to incorporate Biltmore Lake [“You May Need Annexation as Much as It Needs You,” Xpress]. My family has lived in North Carolina for several generations. In that time, it has evolved from the […]

Annexation­: Enough is enough

It is a shame when North Carolinians must resort to annexation repeal bills to get their voices heard. It is time that we had meaningful annexation reform that provides for a vote for those wishing to be annexed and for those selected to be annexed. At no time should an annexation proceed without a vote […]

Annexation is rural robbery

In the Feb. 16 Xpress article “Hard Rocks, Few Places,” David Forbes [says] that Asheville should have used involuntary annexation as a greater source of income as it brings in significant new revenue. Picking pockets is also a source of revenue. Involuntary annexation is essentially the same thing. Asheville’s budget problems are the result of […]

Greetings, N.C. League of Municipali­ties

I live in Asheville, and I have a couple of questions for the North Carolina League of Municipalities. The N.C. League website states, "we believe that a complete stop on all city-initiated annexations across the state is not a necessary or appropriate way to address annexation." When you say "city-initiated annexations," are you really referring […]

Room service

In limbo since 2008 due to a faltering economy, the 51 Biltmore project took a couple of steps forward at the Asheville City Council's Dec. 14 meeting. If the hotel/parking deck/retail development is approved, the target site — a large parking lot on Biltmore Avenue — could change dramatically. On a pair of 4-2 votes […]

Asheville City Council Meeting: Live Twitter Coverage

Asheville City Council meets tonight at 5 p.m. on the second floor of City Hall — and our senior reporter, David Forbes, will be there in the front row bringing it to you live as it happens on the Twitter. Get all the latest goings-on by following @DavidForbes, by using the hashtag #avlgov, or by clicking through to the next page where you’ll see a live Twitter feed.