Asheville disclaimer­: Asheville man determined to ride bicycle all winter for no clear reason

The Asheville Disclaimer is parody/satire. Asheville, Monday — The 2.5-mile commute Scott Frand makes on bicycle between his home and his work will get significantly more difficult and unbearable as winter worsens, to the apparent delight of Frand. “Last winter, I had to finally switch to my car when the snow got too bad and […]

What, me Weird?

When I wrote to say I preferred "News of the Weird" over the "Asheville Disclaimer," I assumed my opinion was in the minority and said so [“Give Me Weird,” May 30 Xpress]. I thought the letter in defense of the “Disclaimer” was just a wee bit over the top [“Haters Gonna Hate,” June 13 Xpress]. […]

Haters gonna hate

The "Asheville Disclaimer" puerile? Duh! Of course it is [“Give Me Weird, May 30 Xpress]. Sorry it isn't high brow, but most comedy isn't (and comedy that is high brow isn't funny). Read The New Yorker if you're into that crap. I have read and laughed out loud at the "Disclaimer." I loved it when […]

Where’s my dessert , Xpress?

What the hell are you doing? I have been a loyal follower of your print paper for about a year and a half. I read it throughout the week during down times, such as dining out. I start with the letters section, slowly pick my way through the articles, all of which I consider the […]