Video: Did ‘Obama’s spiritual advisor’ go on ‘race rant’ in Hot Springs?

Calling Dr. Jim Wallis President Barack Obama’s “spiritual advisor,” the popular conservative news and opinion website The Daily Caller reported July 7 that the liberal evangelical leader went on a “race rant” at a recent event Hot Springs. But was it really an accusatory, racist rant, from a man “who has the ear of the leader of the free world,” as the website alleges? Or was it part of a constructive dialogue on a tough topic?

The web and Barack

Xpress arts writer Kyle Sherard attended President Barack Obama’s public inauguration on Jan. 21 at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. While straining to see the proceedings from the general admission area, Sherard also kept an eye out for fellow North Carolinians amid the dense and shivering throng. At one point he even brandished a sign that read, “Are you from North Carolina?” which actually summoned one person. Read on for a firsthand, if distant look at what democracy looked like.

The national election begins locally

Gen. William T. Sherman wrote to encourage his friend, Gen. U.S. Grant, saying that Grant’s “chief characteristic is the simple faith in success.” For example, Grant arrived in besieged Chattanooga after the Union defeat at Chickamauga, replaced the general in command and set out to remove Confederates from mountains around and lift the siege. And […]