Small Bites: What to do for Mother’s Day

Asheville moms are a diverse bunch, but it’s likely most would agree that a whole day dedicated to honoring and pampering them is an OK thing. For many, that might mean being treated to brunch, lunch or dinner at a local eatery. But Asheville is the current holder of the Travel + Leisure magazine title of America’s No. 1 Quirkiest Town, so for others it could translate to something completely different.

Many splendored things: Valentine’s events in and around Asheville

To those who think the celebration of romantic love is just a Hallmark company construct: not quite. Since the 1700s, lovers have been giving each other handwritten cards, flowers and sweets. It wasn’t until the 19th century that Valentine’s Day cards were mass-produced. But 200 years of tradition doesn’t mean you have to give in […]

Wild roots: New chef at Lex 18 spotlights the bounty of Appalachia

After being open for less than two months, Lex 18 closed in early June only to reemerge on June 14 flaunting some significant changes. Although the restaurant’s interior maintains the same rich, vintage Jazz Age décor, and the bar still highlights the upscale moonshine and classic cocktails touted at its first opening in March, a shift of ownership has resulted in an eatery with a completely reinvented culinary direction.