July 16 in Asheville: So much to do, so little time

You know how there are some days in Asheville where everything seems to happen at once, and even if you gave it your very best college try, you couldn’t possibly cram it all in to one 24-hour period of time? Well Saturday, July 16 is one of those days. Here, to make your time management next to impossible, are five events worth shoe-horning into your schedule (including The Black Rabbits, seen here, who’ll play Westville Pub).

Fist Family reunion

Former Asheville rappers Fist Family returns for a reunion show (not with each other — they’ve been going strong all along — but with friends and Gurp City South members) and a record release. Friday, June 10 at Emerald Lounge. Click through for video from the band’s new album.

Even more to do this weekend

Now that you’ve had a moment to peruse Smart Bets and This Weekend on a Shoestring and Clubland and this week’s features, you’re probably ready to plan your weekend. But wait! There’s more! And if you order in the next three minutes we’ll throw in this set of Ginsu knives! (Not really.) But you can check out Heather Luttrell (pictured) plus an art opening, a play and more.