Asheville Transit Committee delves into details that keep public transit rolling

Ever been stuck halfway in and halfway out of an overcrowded bus shelter, pelted by rain and silently cursing a bus that is running behind schedule? Ever feel at such a moment that no one from the city’s transit system much cares about your plight? Fear not, for a committee of people no different from […]

Local Matters: Zoning, new Dem chair, public transit in transition­, Disney myth debunked and more

In this edition of Local Matters, reporter David Forbes talks about the City’s ongoing back-and-forth with the zoning issues surrounding the Caledonia Apartments, as well as his recent interview with new Buncombe County Democratic Party chair Emmet Carney. Reporter Jake Frankel then talks about the many potential and proposed changes coming to Asheville’s public transit system, the recent “We Are Not Bashful” LGBTQ rally and the seemingly debunked urban legend that Walt Disney once lived in Asheville.

Asheville City Council raises various fees, gives guidance to WNC state legislator­s

At this evening’s meeting, Asheville City Council voted to raise various construction, planning and transit fees, as well as water fees; decided what to ask our local delegation what to push for in Raleigh; heard a Civic Center report; and held off deciding whether to support a League of Municipalities effort to release local governments from having to bargain collectively with unions.

Asheville City Council approves Transit Master Plan (Citizen-reported via Twitter)

Asheville City Council votes 6-1 to accept Transit Master Plan, tweets Xpress reporter Brian Postelle. Council will hear implementation options at its January retreat. “OK, TMP fans,” tweets an ebullient @ashevillebus, “It’s time to start lobbying council to find the money to fund the plan.” Council also voted to postpone for one week the cancellation of the Asheville-Weaverville route.