LONG-DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP: Whether it's Appalachian, Irish, Brazilian or Malawian traditional music, Swannanoa-born fiddler Finn Magill is a master. The world traveler plays a hometown show April 11 at The Grey Eagle.

Traditiona­l fiddler Finn Magill returns to his WNC roots for a concert

While Magill is open to many styles of music, something about choro immediately struck him. “When I was in West Africa, I’d be listening to polyrhythms and think, ‘What the hell is going on?’ Initially, I just couldn’t get it,” he says. “But with choro, I thought, ‘Yeah, I get this. Even if I can’t play it, I kind of know how it works.’”

SMELLS LIKE BLUEGRASS SPIRIT: The Jon Stickley Trio will preview songs off its upcoming album Maybe Believe — set to drop on May 13 — with a pre-release celebration show at The Grey Eagle.

Jon Stickley Trio schedules a hometown prerelease album celebratio­n

“One thing we really try to do is honor the fundamentals that are so important to old-time and bluegrass music: the timing, the tones, the hard-driving rhythms,” says Stickley. Despite the adventurousness of the trio’s arrangements, Stickley says that he still often feels the he’s “playing music that could be done around the campfire with a couple of other people who know the songs.”