Smart Bets: Please the Trees

There's more than a catchy rhyme at play when it comes to the band name of this Czech trio (Vash Havelka on vocals and guitar, Mira Syrny on bass and Jan Svacina on drums). According to a press release, the group's "indomitable and deep-seated spirit of adventure and keen desire to place themselves firmly in the context of the international music scene led them all the way to California." That's where they recorded new album, A Forest Affair. All of the mentions of flora are because Please the Trees comes from the forests and mountains of East Bohemia. And because the band plants a tree in every city on its tour. Each new tree is documented on the Facebook page for the project: Please the Trees performs at The Emerald Lounge on Friday, March 7, at 8:30 p.m. Mind Shape Fist and Pawtooth are also on the bill. $5. Photo courtesy of the band


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